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Welcome to The Button Post by Pure Buttons! (Page 6 of 150)! A blog where we discuss all things related to custom pin-back buttons and other custom promotional products that Pure Buttons offers. Stick around for coupons to score cheap pinback buttons, new button product announcements and more!

Improved Print Quality at Pure Buttons!

We have fantastic news to share about our print quality! As a few weeks ago, we have officially upgraded to the latest and greatest Canon digital press. This means our custom buttons, fridge magnets, and all other custom merchandise that we print will now have deeper, richer and more even colors. Colors from your screen will more closely match the printed products and you can expect photo magnets and buttons to look even more stunning than ever before.

We traveled high and low, testing the latest and greatest digital presses from all major printer brands and finally came to this lovely Canon press that is now settled into our new improved print room.

Our team has been printing custom products with this new printer for a few weeks now so we thought it was time to introduce it to the world. If you follow us on instagram you’ll begin to see examples of this printer’s work when we post customer orders as they pass through our production facility.

Canon is a respected leader in image processing technology and we feel confident that this new digital press brings added quality and value to Pure Buttons’ already stellar reputation for high quality button printing and magnet printing.

Give it a spin! Our minimum is just one piece at

Pure Buttons - Custom Buttons &  Magnet Printing Room - Canon imagePRESS V1350

Last Modified: October 12th, 2023

A New Neon Sign In Our Button Printing Room

We are celebrating one year in our new headquarters with some fresh aesthetic upgrades to our button printing lab.

When you visit the Pure Buttons office, behind the reception desk you can see our button printing room behind a wall of soundproof glass. If that wasn’t cool enough, we have just added a gigantic custom neon sign to let you know where you are!

The process started by painting select walls a dark, almost black blue color to give us added contrast for these absolutely massive custom neon signs we ordered for the shop.

In all, we installed three similarly sized signs. Hanging the signs was a process in itself, but by the end we got pretty good at it! On the stickers side of the building StandOut Stickers got its own neon sign. And centrally we installed a Pure Merch sign over the production floor. Pure Merch is what we refer to when we’re speaking about both companies. More updates on Pure Merch are to come.

This Pure Buttons neon sign is about six feet wide! And the warm glow blesses every piece of printed stock that comes off our industrial digital press, infusing your custom buttons, fridge magnets and more with cyberpunk essence!

Pure Buttons Neon Sign in the Custom Button Printing Room

After we prep your artwork in the office, we print your buttons, magnets and more by sending the art files to this massive digital printer. All magnet printing, as well as printing custom buttons, keychains, coasters, bottle openers, Christmas ornaments, zipper pulls, and other products happens right here!

From there, we move the printed sheets into the production facility which has more steps to get your artwork from paper to finished product. We’ll outline more production steps along the way as we work to enhance the beauty of our little merch factory!

Last Modified: September 12th, 2023

Design Your Own Kitchen Conversion Magnet

Just popping by the blog to mention that we have added a free kitchen conversion table design to our growing catalog of clip art resources within our free online customizer.

You can find this kitchen conversion graphic within Clip Art Gallery > Infographics

To jump right into our online art tool, custom design products at PureButtons and choose the customizer option instead of uploading artwork files.

We’ve enabled the ability to personalize the colors of the table so that you can make it match the look of whatever background or logo you add. Get creative with it!

Most commonly, kitchen conversion tables are used on magnetic promotional products like our custom fridge magnets. They’ll stick to most refrigerator sides and even some dishwashers. But feel free to try this on any of our custom products!

Our 6″ magnetic easel is a great large magnet that performs beautifully in a kitchen environment and is large enough that you can easily see this chart from across the room.

Think about readability when choosing a product size. We like our 2.5×3.5 rectangle magnets for most customers looking to make kitchen infographic magnets. This is the dimension we’ve mocked up above, and we chose a vertical orientation to maximize the size of the chart graphic.

If you can think of any other helpful infographics, we’re all ears. Contact Us to let us know what you think would be a good addition to our online customizer tool.

Last Modified: August 24th, 2023

Pav’s Creamery Visits Pure Buttons

A bit of a fun and casual summer time post! We’ve had some sweltering days here in Brunswick, OH and what better way to keep cool than with ice cream and shaved ice? I should add our new headquarters keeps pretty chill thanks to our HVAC guys (JD Heating & Cooling), but we’re still looking for ways to have fun.

Take a look at the trucks we’ve recently had come through for a fun treat! That reminds me, did you know we’re always looking for employees in our production facility? Come work here, we have ice cream! (sometimes).

Pav’s Creamery is a regional ice cream company with a few locations in the Cleveland area. We were lucky to get them out one recent July afternoon. Their truck was awesome and featured this excellent pink and gray custom wrap. I was admiring it while waiting for my treat.

Pav’s Ice Cream truck featured several ice cream flavors on menu including cones, milkshakes and sundaes. It was hard to choose, but I picked Banana Cream Pie and Chocolate PB Cup in a waffle cone. Absolutely no regrets!

Maybe it was rude, but i sent the photo below to my kids to show them what they were missing out on. They were not amused 😂, but I had to share just how good Pavs ice cream was.

Which reminds me, back in June we had the Kona Ice truck out. It was admittedly a healthier choice, and fun too! They give you a cup of shaved ice and you load it up with whatever (low sugar) flavors you want. The self-serve function is very cool and made serving shaved ice to the whole crew quick and easy!

Look at how colorful the Kona Ice truck is. This custom wrap is fun and vibrant. Makes me want more Kona Ice just looking at it.

There is still quite a bit of summer left. We need to get creative with another cold treat. I think an old school ice cream truck with the loud speaker music and the weird Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream bar might be funny. What do you think?

Last Modified: July 31st, 2023

24/7 Local Order Pickup Expanded

Due to overwhelming demand we have added four more pickup boxes to our lineup of exterior 24/7 order pickup boxes!

When you order with an Ohio billing address you’ll get a free pickup option with shipping rates. Our facility is located in Brunswick, OH and our local pickup area is accessible and illuminated at night for safety and ease of use. We have had customers successfully retrieve orders at all hours of the day, early and late since introducing the 24/7 pickup option.

We have also added new signage to the front of boxes for easy identification from your vehicle. Boxes are located on the west side of the building. Look for the Pure Buttons / StandOut Stickers sign in the front lawn for where to enter the parking lot.

Thanks for choosing local pickup!

Pure Buttons Order Pickup Boxes in Brunswick, OH

Last Modified: July 31st, 2023

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