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Our Custom Button Boxes feature up to 4 designs per box and come in sizes 1″-1.75″ round or square buttons!

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Custom Button Boxes

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More information on our Metallic Acetate Finish

Get your shine on! Metallic finish option now available for all of our custom products! Just select “Yes” for the “Acetate Finish” option at checkout.

For a small upgrade fee, we will print your design on clear acetate rather than white paper. This allows the metallic button body to shine through your design. In turn your design will have a metallic brushed steel look in any places that are ‘white’ in your design.

Light to mid-tone colors will also appear metallic but could look more washed out than when printed on white, as they may become lost against the metallic background.

Black will block the metallic shine completely.

This option will darken your overall design significantly.

Clean vector graphics with lots of high contrast and rich colors and white space will produce the best results.

metallic acetate button finish

Digital proofs aren’t guaranteed to accurately show the representation of a metallic finish. Since the finish changes based on the light that hits the design, you will experience greater clarity in bright light and lower clarity in dim light.

Accurate color reproduction is not guaranteed when choosing metallic finish as each design varies based on pigment density in your design. Choose standard finish if this is a concern.

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New Retail Box Sizes. Button Boxes are fun and effective custom button sales tools!
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Our button boxes come in 3 new sizes. Now you can get button boxes with 1.5″ Round, 1.5″ Square, and 1.75″ Round custom buttons inside. You get different numbers of buttons inside each box as stated below:

1″ Round Box – 200 buttons – up to 4 designs
1.25″ Round Box – 100 buttons – up to 2 designs
1.5″ Round Box – 100 buttons – up to 2 designs
1.5″ Square Box – 50 Buttons – 1 design
1.75″ Round Box – 50 Buttons – 1 design

Custom button boxes are a fun way to sell your buttons in any retail environment. Draw attention to your buttons at tradeshows, conventions and any other event or store.

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Custom Button Boxes
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We’re slowly rolling out a brand new product and wanted to give you a first look at something we’re very excited about! Custom Button Boxes offer a complete retail-ready solution for loose buttons, or zipper pulls, are printed full color on all sides and come shrink wrapped, filled with the designs of your choice.

Each box can hold about 200 1″ Round buttons or 100 1.25″ Round Buttons. We plan to offer 2 unique designs per box in our standard pricing. As usual, you can contact us for unique projects and we’re willing to produce almost any request!

In the meantime you can take a look at more sample photos of the boxes below at our new Button Boxes Samples Page

More details about custom boxes will be available on the website shortly but in the meantime, email for pricing and templates.

Custom Button Boxes for OKPants Design, Alphabet Arm, and We Bleed Ohio

Custom Button Boxes for OKPants Design

Custom Button Boxes for Alphabet Arm Design

Custom Button Boxes for We Bleed Ohio

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