Custom Buttons from $5.00! Minimum order: 1 Button!
20% OFF Button Packs
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20% OFF Button Packs for a limited time with code PACKS20

Button Packs

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15% off Custom Button Packs
Categories | Custom Button Packs

Our Custom Button Packs are a great way to package several unique designs in one attractive package! We offer almost every size and shape on a custom backer card, all designed by you!

Now thru June 30th take 15% OFF Custom Button Packs with promo code PACKS15

Adventure Time Custom Button Packs

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Custom Button Packs 15% OFF!
Categories | Custom Button Packs

Now through May 15 take 15% OFF our awesome custom button packs! You can choose to order one of our many standard button packs, or if you want, work with us to create a custom die cut button pack! The results are fantastic. We also offer custom finishing options like pack bagging, and button finish options like acetate and matte finish. Use your imagination to create an unforgettable button pack that your customers will want to have!

Take 15% OFF your order of custom button packs with promo code PACKS15 now through May 15th, 2015.

An example of our standard 3 x 1″ Round Button Packs:
Standard Custom Button Pack

An example of the same design printed as a 3 x 1″ Round Die Cut Button Packs:
Custom Diecut Button Pack

Custom Diecut Button Packs

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Custom Button Packs 15% OFF
Categories | Custom Button Packs

We just dropped our minimum quantity for button packs down to just 25 packs per order. To celebrate this, we’ve dropped the price of our custom button packs 15% OFF with promo code PACKS15.

Order custom button packs today and take 15% off your order.

Custom Button Packs

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More information on our Metallic Acetate Finish

Get your shine on! Metallic finish option now available for all of our custom products! Just select “Yes” for the “Acetate Finish” option at checkout.

For a small upgrade fee, we will print your design on clear acetate rather than white paper. This allows the metallic button body to shine through your design. In turn your design will have a metallic brushed steel look in any places that are ‘white’ in your design.

Light to mid-tone colors will also appear metallic but could look more washed out than when printed on white, as they may become lost against the metallic background.

Black will block the metallic shine completely.

This option will darken your overall design significantly.

Clean vector graphics with lots of high contrast and rich colors and white space will produce the best results.

metallic acetate button finish

Digital proofs aren’t guaranteed to accurately show the representation of a metallic finish. Since the finish changes based on the light that hits the design, you will experience greater clarity in bright light and lower clarity in dim light.

Accurate color reproduction is not guaranteed when choosing metallic finish as each design varies based on pigment density in your design. Choose standard finish if this is a concern.

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