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Custom Buttons from $6.50! Minimum order: 5 Buttons!
Order custom buttons on your phone
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Our new website is mobile-ready to let you order custom products on your phone, tablet, or desktop! Ordering customized products has never been easier!

order custom buttons on your phone

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How To Print Instagram Photos
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Wouldn’t your Instagram photos make amazing Instagram fridge magnets? You can print instagram photos with ease in our new customizer tool. Simply select a customizable product, choose to ‘create / edit’ your design,

Instagram photos are great printed on our fridge magnets, keychains, and pocket mirrors. You can also combine your instagram photos with text to make a custom campaign button or event buttons.

See below just how easy it is to print your instagram photos on any of our customizable products.

Print instagram Pictures

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NEW!! Customizer Art Tool
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Customize products

You can now visit and select a product then immediately create artwork in your browser, on your pc, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Upload your own designs, logos, photos, add text, or connect to facebook or instagram and print your favorite photos!

You can even edit rim text in our new tool, it’s set up for you and super easy. Our new art tool can be as simple or complex as you want. Many customers have already ordered with our art tool, moments after launching! Try it today! Our minimum order is just 5 buttons!

Get free shipping on usa orders over $30 with promo code FREESHIP

Check back here for video tutorials of our new Customizer, coming soon!

Customize Products Now!

customize fridge magnets buttons and more

The PureButtons Customizer works on any device in our new responsive website. Check it out today!

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Mammoth 6″ Round Buttons

Our newest product is our biggest product yet! Introducing the 6″ Round Mammoth Button! This huge product features a very unique back- a combination fridge magnet and display easel. The back features two high powered neodymium magnets, the same featured on our clothing magnets. These high powered magnets allow the Mammoth Button to hang on any metal surface like a refrigerator or a filing cabinet.

The back of the Mammoth Button also folds out to become an easel stand, allowing for tabletop display. These mammoth buttons grab attention in a retail or tradeshow environment, or make for perfect office or home decor.

Using our new customizer art tool, on our brand new website you can easily print your favorite instagram or facebook photos on the mammoth buttons and display them around your home or office. With a minimum order of just ONE mammoth button, these make the perfect gift idea! Surprise your loved ones with a customized birthday, anniversary or christmas gift.

For more information and sample photos, click here: Mammoth 6″ Round Buttons

Mammoth 6 Inch Round Buttons

6 inch button magnet easel sign

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New Responsive Website
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Big things are happening at PureButtons! We just launched an overhauled website that is responsive and fits every device. Now you can check out or check your order status on your phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop. The new fluidly resizes to the size and shape of your browser window!

Responsive Website Design

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