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Local Customers: We’ve Moved!

We’re super excited to announce our new headquarters in Brunswick, Ohio! We are currently finishing up a move a few miles north of our old location in Medina. If you’re a local customer who picks up orders at our facility, please make a note that our new address is:

Pure Buttons
2991 Interstate Parkway
Brunswick, OH 44212

This new headquarters facility has more square footage which will allow us to produce even more custom buttons than ever before! We’ll also have room to branch out, develop new products and finishes too.

In the coming months we’ll share more and more behind the scenes content from the new facility. We’ve got a lot planned so stay tuned to our blog and social media accounts!

We’re making this move with our sister company StandOut Stickers, so if you’re also a local customer there, please make note of the address change. Thanks!

Pure Buttons has moved to Brunswick, OH

Last Modified: August 2nd, 2022

Pure Buttons Proudly Sponsors Jam In The Van

As fans of music we’re always looking for new artists and live performances. We love youtube music channels like NPR Tiny Desk, Daytrotter and Jam in the Van. We recently got together with Jam in the Van to produce some official merchandise for their live events! Now moving forward you may spot a Pure Buttons logo in the background of performances.

Jam in the Van Logo

Check out Jam in the Van on Youtube to see what sets them apart.

Jam in the Van is a traveling recording studio. The “van” is actually an RV loaded with recording gear and musical equipment by Orange Amps. The van travels around to music festivals all over the nation and invites musical acts to “jam”! They hit major festivals like SXSW but also hit smaller festivals to give upcoming acts an opportunity to record live performances.

Pure Buttons seemed like a perfect fit to sponsor Jam in the Van. Our custom promotional products are the gold standard for bands and record labels looking for an affordable way to offer custom merchandise to fans. We offer low minimums, fast turnaround and high quality that artists and labels have relied on for over almost two decades! We work with the biggest record labels and bands in the world to produce high quality band merch at the best prices.

We printed a variety of custom buttons for Jam in the Van, packaged in our excellent pop-up button display boxes for retail display at live events. Jam in the Van also chose to print some custom bottle openers that go perfectly with their live music BYOB attitude.

Jam in the Van sponsored by Pure Buttons

Jam in the Van has a physical location in Los Angeles where they hold regular concerts and comedy shows, and a new facility is under development for Austin, Texas! You could say they’re really going places fast!

We have also sponsored Jam in the Van with our custom sticker company StandOut Stickers. We printed custom die cut stickers that Jam in the Van gives out at live events and sells on their website. You can get your own Jam in the Van Logo Sticker at their online store. And you’ll find assorted unique sticker designs at live events.

Jam in the Van sponsored by StandOut Stickers

Thanks to Jam in the Van for letting us hitch a ride in the Van!

Last Modified: July 8th, 2022

Now Offering UPS carbon neutral Deliveries

At Pure Buttons we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We know that shipping orders nationally, and especially internationally has a carbon cost that we’d like to reduce or eliminate. We are pleased to announce that the carbon cost of deliveries shipped from Pure Buttons and StandOut Stickers via UPS will be made net zero from now on through the UPS carbon neutral program.

What is carbon neutral shipping? To put it simply, each UPS delivery has a “carbon cost” associated with it based on weight, destination, and delivery method. This amount is calculated and then “offset” with investments in green / renewable energy projects, rainforest preservation, tree planting, carbon capture and more.

How do I get carbon neutral shipping? Simply choose one of our many UPS shipping options. We have made all of them carbon neutral at no additional cost!

Pure Buttons Now Offers Carbon Neutral Shipping

The UPS carbon neutral program is certified with the CarbonNeutral Protocol by Natural Capital Partners and verified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).

As average consumers, it is incumbent upon all of us to take steps to reduce our waste and environmental impact. Offering carbon neutral shipping is one of the many changes we are taking to reduce our footprint in the coming years. Stay tuned for more announcements on this topic.

For now, UPS is the only carbon neutral shipping option available to us. USPS is making efforts to optimize their fleet vehicles and facilities but as of now does not offer a carbon neutral option. We will update when this becomes available for all carriers. For now, you must choose a UPS shipping method if you’d like carbon neutral shipment.

Can I get free carbon neutral shipping? Our FREESHIP code is programmed to offer the lowest cost shipping option as “free” and then discount all other shipping options by the dollar value of the lowest cost shipping option. Many times on larger orders, UPS offers the cheapest shipping option, so this will in fact be the free option. That being said, using FREESHIP can still offer discounted carbon neutral shipping even if USPS is the free option for your particular order. (note: coupon code FREESHIP is valid on orders over $25 shipped to contiguous USA).

How do I identify carbon neutral shipping options? We have marked our UPS carbon neutral shipping options with a this 🌱 seedling emoji to make them easier to spot during checkout. Thanks for helping us reduce our carbon footprint by choosing carbon neutral shipping!

Last Modified: May 5th, 2022

Lucky You! ☘️ Get a Free Lucky Bottle Opener

Our Lucky Bottle Openers are back! Now through March 20th, get a free Lucky Bottle Opener in every order. Our custom bottle openers feature full metal construction and a strong neodymium magnet to hang as a fridge magnet, or catch loose caps!

This lucky bottle opener has a cute winking four leaf clover design printed with our metallic acetate finish. Our lucky bottle openers are ready to party and free in every order through March 20.

free lucky bottle opener in every order til march 20th at

Last Modified: June 24th, 2022

Live Chat Has Returned!

During the nationwide covid shutdown and over the course of the pandemic we quietly paused our live chat customer service so we could focus on e-mail and phone support.

We’re happy to say our customer support team has grown and we are now offering Live Chat support once again!

You can start a chat with our friendly customer service representatives any time of day.

We’re here to chat live during our normal business hours (8AM-4:30PM M-F EST) on the Pure Buttons website and TheButtonPost Blog.

If you have a question after hours you can also leave a ticket and our support will reply first thing when they return. Leaving a ticket will open an email thread between yourself and support.

To get chatting, hit the small button in the bottom left corner of our website.

Let’s chat about Custom Buttons!

Last Modified: February 11th, 2022

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