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Customizer Tip: How To Place An Image
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From our Playlist of PureButtons Customizer Tool Tutorials, a quick video that shows you how to place an image from your desktop of mobile device.

Design custom products with our free and easy customizer tool!

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PureButtons Customizer Tool Tutorial Series
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We have just released a full series of tutorial clips going over every function in our amazing Customizer Tool.

Watch below and then Create Custom Products in our free and easy customizer tool. Get a free INSTANT digital proof when you create a custom button design on any device, right in your browser!

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CMYK vs RGB Artwork in Customizer Tool
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The customizer is an easy way to design custom products on any device! But it is an RGB tool, and it is important to only upload RGB assets to it. We take a look at the color shift that CMYK files sometimes have when using them in an RGB environment and advise to only use RGB assets when designing custom buttons, fridge magnets and more in our free online customizer tool.

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Video Transcript: The free customizer tool on is great, but it’s important to use RGB assets ONLY- meaning your pictures or artwork or logo files. The reason being is that the tool itself is an RGB tool, then the image is sent to our team who converts it to CMYK before printing. If you put CMYK images into our RGB tool they will then be converted one more time which causes compounding color problems. Let’s take a look at what happens when you add a CMYK vs and RGB image to the tool. Here’s a man playing baseball in CMYK. Now let’s add the RGB version. By going to the Layers panel, I can see my two versions here. The RGB version is on top. Now when I drag the RGB version under the CMYK version, I’ll see the CMYK version appear on top, and you’ll see the color difference. Pay attention to the red tones in the man’s skin, and the blue tones in his jersey, and the general darkness and saturation of the background. As you can see, everything is more desaturated, it’s also a bit lighter. I’ll bring the RGB version back up to the top. This looks more like we expect. Now if we submit the CMYK version, it will then be converted one more time to CMYK and undergo another color shift. So it’s important to use RGB assets so there’s the least amount of processing in between your design and the final printed product. For more tips on the PureButtons customizer tool, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and visit for Custom Buttons and more.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast) Customizer Tool – Template Overview
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Our easy customizer tool lets you create artwork for custom buttons, fridge magnets and SO MUCH MORE! Create designs on any device, in any browser! Add your favorite photos from your desktop computer, phone, instagram or facebook and checkout in minutes with our easy website at PureButtons.

For more tips, visit the PureButtons Youtube Channel.

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20% Off Magnetic Easel for Mothers Day
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Magnetic Easel Display

Our 6 Inch Magnetic Easel is a GREAT photo gift.

1) It’s free to customize and get an instant digital proof in our easy art tool. Customize Now.

2) It can be displayed on a table with the pop-out easel back.

3) It can be hung on the fridge with its two STRONG neodymium magnets.

4) It is printed in full color and available in original gloss and soft-touch matte finish.

Order Magnetic Easels
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Magnetic Easel Display

Video: Magnetic Easel – The Perfect Photo Gift!

The perfect photo gift is a few clicks away at PureButtons- Our 6″ Magnetic Easel is a large and attractive canvas to showcase your artwork or favorite photos.

Customize one for mom today! Take 20% OFF with code EASEL20

Mother's Day Photo Gifts

Start with a free and adorable template

You can start your Mother’s Day easel design with one of our beautiful and free creative templates on our Design Gallery.

Or start from scratch and upload your favorite photo for mom.

Either way, you’ll have an easy and affordable photo gift designed in minutes and shipped to you or directly to mom!

Take 20% OFF our amazing Magnetic Easel with code EASEL20

Offer ends 5.13.18

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