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Custom Button Trading at Quiltcon
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More and more convention attendees are ordering custom buttons to share, sell and trade on the convention floor. For years, attendees of PAX have enjoyed participating in a button trading game they call “Buttoneering”. More recently, attendees of Quiltcon have begun ordering and sharing photos of the custom buttons for the quilting convention held in Nashville, TN this week.

Quiltcon Attendee Buttons

The above custom buttons for quilter @imspicier feature strong bold geometric patterns that are presented beautifully in our gloss finish.

Quiltcon Attendee Buttons

The above custom buttons in our soft-touch matte finish feature a colorful and detailed print from one of @pennylanequilts quilt designs.

Do you attend a convention? It’s easy to create custom products in our free customizer tool. You’ll get a free instant digital proof when you do. Then share or sell your products at the convention to promote yourself and your industry!

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Custom Button Trading at Cookie Con
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We love it when attendees of conventions get together to trade custom buttons. For years, attendees of PAX have enjoyed participating in a button trading game (they call it “Buttoneering”). More recently, attendees of Cookie Con, a cookie making convention in Reno, Nevada have started to design custom buttons as trade show giveaways. The convention even has button trading listed as a fun activity on their website!

Some of the more delicious accounts we follow back on instagram have been tagging us in photos featuring custom buttons promoting professional and amateur cookie bakers around the world!

Custom Buttons for MA Custom Cookies

These purple custom buttons were designed by MA Custom Cookies right in our new customizer tool. It’s easy to create custom products on any device and get a free instant digital proof.

Custom Buttons for Mulberry_t say Your Cookies Are Done

These humorous Square Buttons were printed for CookieCon attendee @mulberry_t

Custom Buttons, Made in USA for Chapix Cookies of Mexico!

These custom buttons are Made in USA for CookieCon veteran Chapix Cookies in Mexico!

The CookieCon 2019 takes place March 20th-23rd in Reno Nevada, at the Peppermill Resort. Standard tickets are already SOLD OUT but there is a wait list, and there’s always next time, where the early bird gets the cookie!

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20% Off Fridge Magnets & Clothing Magnets
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We know you’ll LOVE our custom fridge magnets and clothing magnets, so try them today and take 20% OFF with code MAGNET20

Our clothing magnets are available in 17 sizes and are custom wearable magnets, like our custom pin-back buttons but feature strong neodymium magnets to hold the button to your clothing instead of the need for putting a pin through cloth. No muss no fuss!

Our fridge magnets are available in 19 sizes and shapes including the new and unique 2″x8″ Rectangle Fridge Magnet, a large size that really gets noticed!

20% OFF Fridge Magnets and Clothing Magnets with code MAGNET20

Offer available for a limited time only.

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Custom Keychains Sale
Categories | Custom Keychains

Order Custom Keychains and take 20% OFF with code KEYCHAIN20

We offer both Rectangle Custom Keychains and our new Round Custom Keychains.

Customize your keychains in our free and easy tool and receive a free instant digital proof!

Offer available for a limited time only.

Round Custom Keychains
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Design a Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Button, on us.
Categories | Photo Gifts

Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts

Create Personalized Valentines in minutes with our free border designs.

We have new, free-to-use Valentine’s Day borders in our Valentine’s Day Photo Gifts gallery. Simply choose your favorite, pick a product, and add your best photo.

Our easy customizer tool even lets you connect your instagram or facebook account to grab your best shots.

Our personalized Valentines designs are available on our entire line of 3.5″ custom products including Fridge Magnets and our huge, exclusive 6″ Magnetic Easel.

If you choose to create a personalized Valentine’s Day Button, you can use the code MILLION to take up to $24 off your order of custom buttons. More details on our free custom buttons giveaway page. One coupon use per customer.

Free Custom Buttons

It’s true: get Free Custom Buttons


If you haven’t yet, use code MILLION on an order of CUSTOM BUTTONS size 1.25″ or larger for a credit up to $24.

This $24 credit will get you 100 free 1.25″ round custom buttons, but you can use it on an order of any quantity and any size of buttons larger than 1.25″.

Get your Free Custom Buttons and full details at our website.

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