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Welcome to The Button Post by Pure Buttons! (Page 10 of 140)! A blog where we discuss all things related to custom pin-back buttons and other custom promotional products that Pure Buttons offers. Stick around for coupons to score cheap pinback buttons, new button product announcements and more!

Celebrate Important Milestones With Our New Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Our customized products are some of the best personalized anniversary gifts you can give your spouse or significant other this year. They’re affordable, long-lasting, and thoughtful ways to say “I Love You” or even “Thank You”.

What do you get for someone who has everything?
When you need to get a gift for someone who seemingly has everything they need, it is a great idea to look to sentimental gifts that have more meaning than expense. People appreciate the gesture of a personalized gift more than how much you spend on it. There’s a great importance of giving a gift that will be remembered and cherished by the recipient for years to come.

That’s where our high quality and affordable personalized anniversary gifts come in.

Our three new personalized anniversary gift templates are ready to customize with your favorite photo or logo. Whether you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, or 3 months together, any occasion is perfect for our photo gifts.

Our personalized gifts cost about the same as a greeting card but last longer and mean so much more. Why would you choose a generic store-bought card when you can create a personalized anniversary gift in minutes online?

Planning an anniversary party?
Our affordable anniversary templates make great anniversary party favors. If you’re planning a big anniversary party, what better way to share in your love and appreciation for the guests of honor than with a party favor featuring their photo and names. They’ll be the hit of the party and won’t cost you much to create when you score our bulk pricing discounts!

Art Deco Anniversary
Looking for a classy anniversary photo gift? This is the perfect template for you. Plus it’s so easy to use. Just choose your favorite photo and add custom text with our simple editor tool.

Art Deco Anniversary Gift Template

Heritage Anniversary
Customize this photo gift template with your own years and names. You don’t have to be celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary- it can be for any length of time when you customize the text on this template!

Heritage Anniversary Gift Template

Anniversary Party
Give this as a present or print one out for yourself! Either way you will be able to enjoy this beautiful anniversary design for years to come because our high quality custom products make long-lasting personalized anniversary gifts.

Anniversary Party Gift Template

Work anniversaries count too!

All of our custom anniversary gift templates are gender neutral and many of the styles do not reference romantic anniversaries, so they are perfect for celebrating a work anniversary! Reward your long term employees with a token of appreciation. You can add your company logo to any of these designs and add your employees name and years of service to create a high quality commemorative plaque celebrating their work anniversary. Our large 6″ Magnetic easel is perfect for this use.

Show your loved ones that they are special and unique with a personalized anniversary gift, exclusively at Pure Buttons!

Last Modified: May 4th, 2021

Custom Printed Souvenir Magnets: Great Gift Shop Ideas

Custom souvenir magnets are a great way to bring in more business for your gift shop or fundraising efforts. They’re a high quality product and available in 19 shapes and sizes from 1″ round magnets up to our massive 6″ magnetic easel.

They come custom printed with your photos, logos or graphics in stunning full color. Water resistant, they sanitize easily, and can be made with either glossy finish, soft-touch matte finish or a metallic acetate finish that gives them a unique metallic look!

But the best part about our custom magnets is the price!

We offer these souvenir magnets at affordable prices so they’re great for you, looking to keep a low overhead cost, but also perfect for travelers who are looking for something affordable and small to carry around with them on their trips.

Popular Souvenir Magnet Sizes

Our most popular souvenir magnet size is our 2.5″x3.5″ Rectangle Magnets. This is our second largest rectangle refrigerator magnet and is about half the size of a postcard. It is perfect for beautiful photo magnets featuring the sites and memories that tourists want to take home with them.

Our larger magnets are good for souvenirs because they grab attention in a retail display while still remaining small enough to fit in a pocket or purse for easy carrying when on traveling on foot. Custom Fridge Magnets are a popular gift shop item because of their affordability too. We offer major bulk discounts on our custom magnets so it pays to order more.

Design Magnets Online

Create unique magnet designs that feature sights and memories that tourists will want to take home. Your magnets will be a great conversation starter that everyone loves!

Our online tool lets you design magnets from scratch in a very simple and easy to use interface. Try adding a photo and inserting some custom text that describes the photo. When you’re done, we’ll give you an instant digital proof of your retail-ready souvenir magnet.

Fundraiser Magnets

Our souvenir magnets are perfect for fundraising efforts of schools, non-profit museums or art gallery gift shops. Their low cost makes them an easy custom product to add to your collection of customized merchandise. They’re made in USA, affordable, and compact yet highly visible, which makes them very attractive for shopkeepers or fundraisers looking for a great return on investment.

No matter what custom magnet size you choose, you can’t go wrong when adding souvenir magnets to your catalog of customized products.

Below are a couple examples of souvenir magnet designs we’ve recently posted on instagram. Your magnets don’t have to be illustrated in a similar way, they can be as simple as a photograph and a text title. Think postcard but in magnet form!

shenandoah national park souvenir magnets

Pardon the glare from our protective shrinkwrap! These souvenir magnets were photographed during production. These rectangle fridge magnets feature a really nice illustration of an antique car passing through some sort of cave tunnel called Mary’s Rock Tunnel. An attractive souvenir magnet for Shenandoah National Park.

nubble light york maine souvenir magnets

The customer photo above is a beautiful full color printed fridge magnet featuring a painting of Nubble Light in York, Maine.

knife river indian villages national historic site souvenir magnets

Another shot of souvenir magnets in production, this time a mix of rectangle magnets and our classic round magnets for Knife River Indian Villages (National Historic Site).

Offering a variety of souvenir magnet designs and shapes means there will be something for everyone’s unique taste! You can easily feature different sights and attractions on unique magnet designs.

greetings from michigan souvenir magnets

Mid-production shot of what would turn out to be Greetings From Michigan fridge magnets! This popular postcard style makes for a popular souvenir magnet style as well!

cass scenic railroad state park souvenir magnets

And finally another shot of handsomely illustrated magnets for Cass Scenic Railroad State Park featuring a steam locomotive passing a grain bin or water tower. Your magnets don’t have to be illustrated like this, simply uploading a nice photograph will make for excellent photo magnets that people will want!

Our custom magnets are one of the best souvenir ideas because they make it easy and affordable for visitors to remember their trip and bring home a little piece of wherever they went.

Order Custom Magnets

Last Modified: April 30th, 2021

Custom Button Size Guide: Find the right button for your needs

The pinback button has been a staple of the promotional products industry for decades. This is because they are versatile, cost-effective and easy to use. But as with any product in this arena, there are many options that can make it difficult to choose which size is right for you. Our goal is to simplify your decision by providing an overview of all the available size options, their corresponding benefits, and popularity.

Custom pinback buttons have become one of the most popular ways people promote themselves or their businesses. Pin-back buttons come in a variety of shapes and sizes so whether you want something big and bold or small and subtle, we’ve got what you need! They’re also extremely cost-effective since there’s no minimum order required and we offer major bulk discounts.

All of the images below come from our product backs gallery which includes the back view of all of our custom products so you can see how the various sizes differ in pin-orientation and more. We offer many more custom products than just pinback buttons! Take a look for yourself.

All of the button sizes mentioned here are describing the approximate button diameter. Some of our sizes are exactly what size they are named, and others are very close. The word Round or Square, Rectangle or Oval refers to the shape of the button.

The button images below are not shown at their actual size on your screen.

How to choose a custom button size

It can be tough to pick the right button size from 19 unique shapes and sizes. However, a few of them stand out as being particularly popular for good reason

We recommend starting with a round button. They look great on clothing and in swag bags, plus they’re our most economical and popular button shapes.

Our most popular button sizes:

2.25″ Round
Our most popular button size is 2.25″ round. This is a generous size good for getting attention while not being too big to comfortably wear.

2.25" Round Custom Button Back

1″ Round
Our second most popular size is 1″ round, our smallest buttons. This affordable size is perfect for advertising at conferences where you don’t want to spend too much money while still getting major exposure! The one inch round button is also a classic staple of band merch offerings.

1" Round Custom Button Back

Floating pin vs fixed pin back

Our 1″ round button features a floating pin which allows the face of the button to spin freely. So it doesn’t matter how you affix the button, you can twist the design into the correct position.

The rest of our button sizes feature a fixed pin-back design which is more durable.

The rest of our round button sizes:

1.25″ Round
Our 1.25″ round button is almost tied for second place in popularity. This custom button size is good for bands, artists and companies. It is still quite small but has more durability than the smallest button size.

1.25" Round Custom Button Back

1.5″ Round
Another popular size is the one and a half inch round button. This shapes works well for bands, artists and companies who want custom promotional products at a low cost per button. This and the 1.25″ size are sold all around the world, in many popular chain stores and amusement parks.

1.5" Round Custom Button Back

1.75″ Round
The one and three-quarters inch round button works well for larger logo buttons. These work great for corporate giveaways or as promotional products to promote your brand.

1.75" Round Custom Button Back

2.5″ Round
Just slightly larger than our most popular size, the two and a half inch round button is great for bands, artists or companies who need to be seen. From this size and up, all of the buttons feature the same safety pin size, but the button parts become larger.

2.25" Round Custom Button Back

3″ Round
The three inch round button is a great size for any company looking to make an impact. These buttons are available on demand. You can design online, order a few, and reorder as many as you need in the future with our easy reorder feature.

3" Round Custom Button Back

3.5″ Round
The three and a half inch round button is our second to largest round button size. These are really great for companies who want to make an impression with their logo or button based promotion. This and the largest size are more cumbersome to wear than our smaller button sizes, but if you want to grab attention, this is for you.

3.5" Round Custom Button Back

4″ Round
Our largest round button size is four inches in diameter. This giant round button is perfect for grabbing attention at all costs.

4" Round Custom Button Back

Square Buttons

Square buttons can be worn horizontally or at a “diamond” orientation. They are a great way to promote special offers, discounts and company logos. The square shape gets attention and they are excellent for displaying square artwork like album covers and instagram photos.

Our square pin badges feature a metal body construction, but differ from the round buttons in appearance on the back side. Square buttons feature an additional black plastic plate to keep the pin in place.

1″ Square
The one inch square button is the smallest of our square custom buttons. This tiny square button features a diagonally oriented pin back. These small square buttons would make awesome QR code buttons!

1" Square Custom Button Back

1.5″ Square
The one and a half inch square button is the next size up in our line of squares. This medium-sized button is our most popular square button size by a wide margin. Note the extra holes in the black back plate to allow for diamond orientation if requested.

1.5" Square Custom Button Back

2″ Square
The two inch square button is our medium size offering among square buttons.

2" Square Custom Button Back

2.5″ Square
The two and a half inch square button splits the difference between our largest and middle square size.

2.5" Square Custom Button Back

3″ Square
Our three inch square is the largest square button we offer.

3" Square Custom Button Back

Rectangle Button Sizes

Rectangle buttons can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Choose an orientation when you order custom buttons with multiple orientation options. You will then be directed to the appropriate art tool template when you design buttons online!

Our rectangle buttons also feature a metal body construction, but differ from the round buttons in appearance on the back side with the exception of our 1.5″x4.5″ Rectangle Button seen below.

All of our rectangle shaped buttons feature the same size of custom button pins on the back.

1.75″x2.75″ Rectangle
These are the first rectangular buttons we offered and remain popular for use as custom name tags and badges.

1.75"x2.75" Rectangle Button Back

2″x3″ Rectangle
These buttons are large and impressive. Perfect as custom name tags or logo buttons.

2"x3" Rectangle Button Back

2.5″x3.5″ Rectangle
These are our most popular rectangle button size. This large button really gets noticed and offers a lot of real estate to get your message seen. This size can be used as photo buttons, event passes, ID badges and more.

2.5"x3.5" Rectangle Button Back

1.5″x4.5″ Rectangle
are a unique size perfect for custom name tags, great for tradeshows and events.

1.5"x4.5" Rectangle Button Back

Oval Buttons

1.75″x2.75″ Oval
is our only oval button size. Great for custom name tags and can be worn horizontally or vertically.

1.75"x2.75" Rectangle Button Back

Our high quality personalized buttons are Made in Ohio, USA with fast turnaround time.

Enjoy free shipping with coupon code FREESHIP on orders over $25 shipped to the contiguous USA.

All of our custom buttons can be designed online in our free online tool, in any orientation. Upload your artwork and create custom pins in minutes.

Get free digital proofs to approve before you checkout when you design online.

Order Custom Buttons and choose from any of the 19 shapes and sizes above!

Last Modified: April 27th, 2021

Win a Gift Card and Send Mom a Photo Gift!

We are giving away TEN $25 gift cards on instagram Monday. So head over to the post and check it out!

To enter, simply do the following:
❤️ Like the post
2) Tag a friend who’s mom would also like a Mother’s Day photo gift!

We will choose five pairs of winning friends and DM you each a gift card code if you win!

If you win, you can use the gift card to buy any custom merch, but we really think you should send your mom a custom Mother’s Day Photo Gift. Mother’s day (May 9th) is coming soon! You can design them online in minutes and we’ll ship it right to her doorstep.

Our Mother’s Day Photo Gifts are easy to personalize and our high quality products will last and be appreciated for many years to come!

Either way, hurry over to instagram and enter our giveaway by liking the post and tagging a friend before we choose five pairs of random friends on Monday!

Mother's Day Gift Card Giveaway

Last Modified: April 23rd, 2021

Four New Baby Photo Frames Added To Our Design Gallery

We have added four adorable new baby photo frames to our gallery of baby photo gifts. These custom photo frames are a great way to print your baby photos and add a creative touch. These gender neutral frames are perfect for your favorite baby pictures and many of them feature lines of editable custom text to make them truly unique.

These personalized photo frames are great for displaying in your home or giving as a gift! Celebrate the arrival of your new baby with a baby photo magnet or go big with our patented 6″ magnetic easel which can hang on your fridge or stand up with its pop out easel back.

These designs can also be used as baby shower gifts. You can print any photos in these picture frames, from sonograms to newborn photos, all the way through the toddler years.

We now have six unique designs to choose from, and you can customize each one to your liking with no minimums and free instant digital proofs. It’s easy to create a personalized baby picture frame at Pure Buttons!

Baby Blocks Photo Frame Design

Baby Blocks

This gender neutral photo frame design features two lines of personalized text and a large photo area. Enhance your best baby photos with this free to personalize frame design.

Fawn Baby Photo Frame Design


Add your favorite photo to this woodland setting and add your baby’s name to this enchanting photo frame design.

Baby Elephant Photo Frame Design

Baby Elephant

This baby elephant is resting in the clouds. Add your favorite baby photo to this peaceful photo frame.

Baby Lion Photo Frame Design

Baby Lion

This lion and jungle themed photo frame is ready for your happy baby photo. Use our easy online tool to add your image and personalize the text with your baby’s name.

Last Modified: April 15th, 2021

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