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Another Testimonial – PureButtons

“Jeff + PureButtons offer amazing products and extremely affordable rates. Did I mention the customer service? Top shelf. We’d have the luxury of sending a number of our clients their way and have heard nothing but great feedback about PureButtons and their service.”
July 22, 2009

by: Aaron – Alphabet Arm Design

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New Oval Buttons – PureButtons
Categories | Oval Buttons

Custom Buttons - Oval - PureButtons
A look at our new Oval Buttons. Our Ovals are 1.75″ x 2.75″ Oval Buttons.

To place an order or to view our current price list. Please visit our custom oval buttons portion of the website. Stay tuned for more photos of our new button sizes.

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New Mirror Buttons – Unique new product

Custom Button Mirror - PureButtons

Above I’m showcasing one of our new quickly growing products. It’s our new Custom Button Mirror! These Pocket Mirrors come in (2) sizes (2.25″ round mirrors & 3″ round mirrors). Looking to offer something unique? Look no further. You can get all the pricing information by visiting our Custom Button Mirror page of our website. I will continue to post up more and more photos over time to show new exciting ideas.

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Our new facility! sneak peak….
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Custom Button Facility - PureButtons

As of October (2008) we stepped foot into our new 5,000 sq. ft. facility. We’ve grown exponentially over the past 5 years and finally have a place we can now call home. It’s been a long process to get our place fully furnished. We’re still in the process of hanging artwork and creating unique displays of our work to show off throughout our new office. We’ve revamped our entire production process and are now able to produce 20,000+ buttons per day with an 8 hour shift.

Things are turning out great and I just wanted to showcase a few features. I’ll be posting up photos within the next few weeks. I hope everyone enjoys.

We look forward to working with you!

Your source for custom promotional products!

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Sneak peak at our new Die Cutter
Categories | Button Packaging

Die Cutter

Our new packaging die cutter just arrived! In this photo our warehouse manager is placing the die cutter into place before the electrician arrives. This will help us output a higher quality backer card for all of our button packaging. This new die cutter will help us produce your backer cards even faster!

To find more about our packaging visit our custom button packaging page.

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