Custom Buttons from $5.00!Minimum order: 1 Button!
The inside look on our Custom Button Packaging!

I’ve gone ahead and shot a few photos to show you what goes on during our button packaging process. It’s a labor of love and we do this for you! This is a great way to make your next order of buttons stand out.

Below I’ve showcased one of our jobs we are in the process of completing this week. Our client ordered the 4 Button Pack with 1.25″ Buttons.
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Island Girl - Button Packs

Button Pack _ Assembly step 1

Button Pack _ Assembly step 3

Button Pack _ Assembly step 4

Button Pack _ Assembly step 2
As you can see in the photos above this is a job that requires hands on assembly and there isn’t a machine to do this for us.

Button Packs
The finished product!

I’d like to thank Erwin with for coming up with a great looking button pack!
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If you are interested in obtaining custom button packs, check out for our custom button pack pricing.

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I Can Has Cheez Burger Buttons?
Categories | Client Showcase

Does LOLCats sound familiar? Well, that’s what they say over at I Can Has Cheez Burger! I’ve decided to post a sneak peak button photo.

Be sure to visit the site Click the link to the left with caution, this site may cause laughter.

Burger Buttons?

I Can Has Cheez Burger Buttons. We all want some!

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The Fronts & Backs of our Button Packaging
Categories | Button Packaging

You probably are asking yourself, How do you keep the buttons from falling off of the button packs? The answer is simple, we print your backer cards then die cut them using a traditional die cutting method. As you can see below I’ve showcased a photo of each type of button packaging option we currently offer. You’ll be able to see below how the buttons are attached to the card just by glancing at the photos. I can assure you that your buttons will not fall off of our packs. Just take a look for yourself.
Custom 4 Button Pack
A photo of our 4 button pack. (This button pack is shown with 1.5″ buttons)


Custom 2 Button Pack
A photo of our 2 button pack. (This button pack is shown with 1.25″ buttons)


Custom Single Button Pack
A photo of our single button pack. (This button pack is shown with a 1.5″ button) 

For now, what you see is what we currently offer. We can not alter the amount of buttons per card or remove the retail hang hole. All of our backer cards are printed on 12pt Gloss Card Stock. If what you see is something that interests you, please go ahead and head over to our custom button packaging page.

We plan on launching many more styles and finishing options in the future.

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A closer look at our Custom Zipper Pull Buttons
Categories | Custom Zipper Pulls

Here is a closer look at our zipper pull buttons. As you can see these would just clip on to any zipper and then just hang down. These are definitely a great new unique product we are now offering and are only available in the 1″ button size. These come fully assembled just like you see in the photo below.

Custom Zipper Pull Buttons

Some featured clients shown here. I tried to pull some examples of great colorful buttons.

I will keep featuring more photos throughout the course of time. Keep checking back daily for more updates.

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Our new square buttons!

Now that you are starting to see that we’re offering more and more products, I should probably take a minute to show you our new square buttons! These buttons are a great way to showcase your bands album artwork or anything else you can think of. Why not have a unique square button instead of the conventional round one? Choosing our new square button option is a great way to make your next button order stand out!

– Below you’ll see some photos of our NEW square buttons.
Custom Square Buttons - PureButtons
These are one of our Square Button samples we hand out in our button orders.

Square Buttons - PaleBird
Showcasing our Square Buttons with gradient color backgrounds.

The square buttons we currently offer are 1.5″ square, 2″ Square, 3″ square and soon 2.5″ square. These seem to be the most popular size for this type of button, which is why we decided to produce these. I will be showcasing more examples of our square buttons in the next couple weeks. Keep checking back for more information.

We also offer square fridge magnets and square clothing magnets.

Interested in placing an order? Please contact us at and title the email: Square Buttons. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to promote and sell more square buttons.

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