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Welcome to The Button Post by Pure Buttons! (Page 149 of 150)! A blog where we discuss all things related to custom pin-back buttons and other custom promotional products that Pure Buttons offers. Stick around for coupons to score cheap pinback buttons, new button product announcements and more!

How do I correctly read your Turnaround Page?

Fist off, our turnaround time does NOT include shipping times. However, most of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. If for some reason you ordered buttons and your order hasn’t been marked as “shipped” in your PureButtons account, please don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call at (800) 710-2030.

Please do remember that our Turnaround Page is in business days (Mon – Fri). I think that’s where the confusion lies, but I hope this helps! We look forward to your order!

Last Modified: June 16th, 2008

We’ll post YOUR button photos on Flickr!

PureButtons has created a Flickr account! We are now posting photos that our customers have taken for us on our Flickr page. This is open to everyone! Please send us over photos of your buttons in use. Give us something unique and we’ll post it! This gallery will be growing quickly so please take advantage of it. We’d love for everyone to see your recent custom button order from PureButtons!

Please just send an email to with your order number and a photo or two of your buttons in use. 

Please note: Offensive material will not be posted. Please keep button artwork and photos clean. 

Last Modified: June 16th, 2008

NEW Button Packaging!

Benefits to button packaging

Why should I spend a little extra money for packaging? The answers are simple!

– Enhances Button Value
– Increases Sales
– Is Retail Ready!

Sell More Buttons with our custom button packaging. (fact) Our customers tell us that button packs sell more successfully at a greater return then loose buttons.

What exactly is this button packaging? (please view the photo below with a few examples)

levi strauss co custom button packs

We are now allowing our customers to create a button design then have them assembled onto a backer card. As you can see in the photo above this really allows your products to stand out over the competition! Through the past couple of years we’ve received an overwhelming request for this. We hope you enjoy this! The idea behind this is to give your customers / clients more then just a button(s). This gives the button(s) a higher value there for increasing sales and appealing to a greater audience. Our packaging is only available for 1.25 inch and 1.5 inch buttons. You also have the option to package these in four packs, 2 packs or single packs. To place an order or for more information please visit our custom button packaging page

Last Modified: June 16th, 2008

Can this be true?

All of our products are made here in Ohio, USA.

We are a company that puts the customer first! We recycle all of our unused paper and all of the lighting in our shop uses energy saving bulbs. We also have a more innovative and productive facility to help us produce more buttons with less electricity and time. We try hard to save the environment while pleasing all of our customers! We make do with our small 3,000 square foot shop and use every inch of it efficiently. We believe firmly in un-wasted material and work with suppliers who can help us achieve this. PureButtons looks forward to working with you on your next promotional project.

Last Modified: June 16th, 2008

What exactly is a digital proof? Do I need one?

PureButtons would highly recommend digital proofs to anyone who is placing an order through us. We know that most people find it unnecessary, but when your spending hard earned money on buttons, you want to make sure they are going to look great. A digital proof will show you exactly what your button will look like before it goes to print and you will have to give us the okay before we process the rest of the order. We use this to insure quality and that you will be satisfied 100% with our product(s) when it reaches your door. Some people might feel that it is a waste of money, but it really just ensures you are getting exactly what you want.

Last Modified: June 16th, 2008

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