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More information on our Metallic Acetate Finish

Get your shine on! Metallic finish option now available for all of our custom products! Just select “Yes” for the “Acetate Finish” option at checkout.

For a small upgrade fee, we will print your design on clear acetate rather than white paper. This allows the metallic button body to shine through your design. In turn your design will have a metallic brushed steel look in any places that are ‘white’ in your design.

Light to mid-tone colors will also appear metallic but could look more washed out than when printed on white, as they may become lost against the metallic background.

Black will block the metallic shine completely.

This option will darken your overall design significantly.

Clean vector graphics with lots of high contrast and rich colors and white space will produce the best results.

metallic acetate button finish

Digital proofs aren’t guaranteed to accurately show the representation of a metallic finish. Since the finish changes based on the light that hits the design, you will experience greater clarity in bright light and lower clarity in dim light.

Accurate color reproduction is not guaranteed when choosing metallic finish as each design varies based on pigment density in your design. Choose standard finish if this is a concern.

Last Modified: August 28th, 2014

Custom Magnets are perfect for your next event!

We’ve had an increase in orders of our custom magnets recently. Customers are using them as custom fridge magnets which can advertise a baby shower, a birthday party, serve as wedding party favors, or any other “save the date” style event reminder. Also, our custom magnets can be used as business card reminders. Give you customers a custom fridge magnet and they’ll keep your brand in their life much longer than any other promotional items.

Take a look at pricing for custom magnets and enjoy our new low 25 minimum quantity and affordable USPS shipping options.

Our custom magnets have also been used for a wide variety of tourist gift shops around the country. Take a look at these Michigan magnets and see more on our custom fridge magnet samples gallery:




Last Modified: August 28th, 2014

New Big Rectangle Magnets Make Great Custom Fridge Magnets!

We recently launched a brand new size of Custom Buttons and Custom Magnets – 2.5″x3.5″ Rectangle! This great new large size is perfect for custom magnets, or any other use that requires a large size.

Take a look at these samples of our new large rectangle magnets for customers Hasbro’s My Little Pony, Arrested Development, and The Hangover Part 3. We have printed fridge magnets for a variety of movies, tv shows and video games and our rectangle fridge magnets also make excellent collectable souvenirs for any gift shop.

Check out pricing of our new large rectangle buttons, and large rectangle magnets.










Last Modified: July 7th, 2013

Custom Magnets offer a lasting ROI

Custom Buttons are our most popular product, for good reason, they are fun, collectable, and affordable. Custom Fridge Magnets offer something that custom buttons may not; a long-lasting return on investment. Custom Magnets by their nature are to be used regularly. Most people put these magnets in a place that has high visibility and the fridge magnets offer a constant reminder of your product or cause. For a longer lasting ROI, take a look at PureButtons for custom button magnets.

Custom magnets are used by charities, brands, and more to remind their customers every day to visit their website or social networking profiles.

Custom Magnets, Custom Button Magnets

Target ordered PureButtons Custom Magnets to promote their educational charity “Give With Target” and included a call to action to visit the megastore chain’s facebook profile.

Custom Magnets, Custom Button Magnets
Custom Magnets, Custom Button Magnets

Last Modified: November 13th, 2012

Busy Day at PureButtons

Take a look at our shipping department! Today’s shipments are going to a lot of unique clients, but most notably, two of these pallets are heading to the Kentucky Derby! Keep the orders coming and thanks to all our great customers!

shipping custom pinback buttons and promotional merchandise

Last Modified: April 30th, 2012

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