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New twitter followers will get a special surprise! #coupon

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New Sizes and Button Pack Options
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Custom Buttons

We just launched a bunch of new sizes! Check out our NEW:
2.5″ Round Buttons
3.5″ Round Buttons
4″ Round Buttons
1″ Square Buttons
2″ Square Buttons
2.5″ Square Buttons
3″ Square Buttons
2″ x 3″ Rectangle Buttons
2.5″ x 3.5″ Rectangle Buttons

These new sizes are gorgeous and bring our grand total of size / shape offerings to a whopping 18 button sizes!

New Custom Button Pack Sizes!

We just added a 1″ Square option to all of our packs so now you can get packs with up to 6 1″ Square Custom Buttons on them.

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Free 2.25″ Round Button with today’s TeeFury Shirts
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We are sponsoring today’s Teefury release that celebrates The Hobbit. Get this “I Simply Walked Into Mordor and All I got Was This Pin” Button with the purchase of either Tolkien-inspired shirts at


4 Inch Round Custom Buttons Comparrison
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We just added the giant 4″ Round custom buttons to our roster. If you were wondering how it compares to our smallest 1″ round buttons, the mockup below will give you a better idea!

4 Inch Round Custom Buttons


5 new sizes of custom buttons

WOW! We just added 5 new sizes to our lineup! We now offer 15 unique shapes and sizes of custom buttons!

Introducing 1″ SQUARE, 2″ SQUARE, and 3″ SQUARE. We’ve also added a new 4″ Round Custom Button, and a 2″x3″ Rectangle.

Check out pricing on our order pages:

4″ Round
4″ Round Custom Buttons

1″ Square
1″ Square Custom Buttons

2″ Square
2″ Square Custom Buttons | 2″ Square Fridge Magnets | 2″ Square Clothing Magnets

3″ Square
3″ Square Custom Buttons | 3″ Square Fridge Magnets | 3″ Square Clothing Magnets

2″x3″ Rectangle
2″x3″ RectangleCustom Buttons | 2″x3″ Rectangle Fridge Magnets | 2″x3″ Rectangle Clothing Magnets

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