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Sick of Pin-Back Buttons? Try Our Clothing Magnets!

Have you ever seen our Clothing Magnets? They’re a lot like our custom pin-back buttons, but instead of a metal pin on the back, they have a magnetic bar that holds on to clothing without the need to pierce cloth to stay put.

All of our custom clothing magnet shapes and sizes can be personalized online in our free and easy tool. We offer 17 shapes and sizes to choose from. Clothing Magnets make excellent custom name tags and ID badges. They’re perfect for daily use scenarios where you need to constantly wear a badge for many sessions.

Choose from our original glossy finish, or go with soft touch matte for a more luxurious feeling and look. Try our metallic finish for something unique!

All of our custom clothing magnets are printed and pressed for you in Ohio, USA by our hardworking team. We offer no minimums and huge bulk discounts, so there’s an order configuration to fit everyone!

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20% OFF Clothing Magnets with code CMAG20

Last Modified: January 10th, 2023

Covid-19 Vaccine Buttons En Español

We are pleased to announce that many of our new covid-19 vaccine buttons are available with Spanish translations. You can order one button or get huge bulk discounts with larger quantities.

We also now offer these buttons as clothing magnets. These clothing magnets use high powered neodymium magnets to attach to clothing instead of our traditional pin-back buttons.

Me Vacuné Contra El COVID-19 Buttons

Me Vacuné Contra El COVID-19 Button is available now in two sizes. 1.5″ wide and 2.25″ wide.

Alto Riesgo Buttons

Our High Risk button is available translated as our Alto Riesgo Button.

Me Vacuné Contra El COVID-19 Buttons

Our most popular smiley face design is available translated Me Vacuné Contra El COVID-19 Smiley Button.

COVID-19 Vacunado Buttons

Our straight forward COVID-19 Vacunado Button grabs attention!

Last Modified: June 2nd, 2021

Two new Covid Vax Button Designs

We are pleased to announce two brand new COVID-19 Vaccine Button designs available for purchase as either a pin-back button or clothing magnet in two sizes: 1.5″ round and 2.25″ round.

I Got My Vax Button is a bold button design with large text and an illustration of a vaccine syringe. Get noticed when you’re in public with this vaccine button design.

I Got My Vax Button

Vaxxed To The Max Button design is ready to grab attention and get some laughs when you wear it out. This bright yellow button design featured bold easy to read text and is available now!

Vaxxed To The Max Button

Enjoy bulk discounts when you order higher quantities for friends, family and co-workers. Or just get one for yourself!

Raise vaccine awareness and let others know that you’re vaccinated with these easy to read button designs. We are currently offering six unique coronavirus vaccine button designs for you to choose from. These popular buttons are helping people be identified all around the world!

Stay safe out there!

Last Modified: May 28th, 2021

Covid Vaccine Buttons Now Available As Clothing Magnets

We have added a clothing magnet upgrade option to our popular COVID-19 Vaccine Buttons. Now, instead of our classic pin-back button, you can choose to order our covid vaccine buttons with a neodymium magnet that holds on tight to clothing without the need for a pin to pierce cloth. Our clothing magnets can even be displayed on your refrigerator or any other magnet-ready surface.

Simply choose the clothing magnet option and add to cart. From there you can modify your desired quantity and checkout. Our easy website makes checkout a breeze.

Our most popular design is our I’m COVID-19 Vaccinated Smiley Button which features a bright yellow smiley mouth and easy to read bold text. Thousands of people around the globe are wearing this button to let the world know they’re happily vaccinated for COVID-19.

Our coronavirus vaccine buttons are a great way to identify yourself in public as a vaccinated person. We also offer a High Risk Button for individuals who need to still remain more careful as public life resumes this year.

Covid-19 Buttons en Español
We also now offer these coronavirus vaccine button designs translated into spanish upon request. Or, contact us for a unique request!

Coronavirus Vaccine Buttons - Clothing Magnets

Last Modified: May 26th, 2021

Custom Name Tags & Magnetic Name Tags

Our custom buttons and clothing magnets are the perfect platform for reusable custom name tags or custom name badges. These pin-back name tags can be personalized and printed with the wearer’s name very affordably. Our minimum order is just one name tag which allows you to create a custom name tag for everyone in your team!

We also offer high quality magnetic name tags with a magnet bar on the back that easily attaches the name tag to your clothing without the need to pierce cloth.

Reusable name tags can be designed like the examples below. These full color designs leave a blank space in the design that can be written on with a permanent marker.

For a truly custom name tag, you can use our easy online tool to add your name to any size or shape name tag and get a free instant digital proof to approve before you checkout.

Try our online tool to create custom name tags for your whole team!

The photos below are of reusable name tags with blank spaces to manually fill out in the future. Others have ordered custom name tags with names included in the printed design, but we have not included photos of these personalized name tags for privacy.

Connections Create Results Magnetic Name Tags

The magnetic name badges above features multiple fields to fill out. Notice the magnetic fastener bar on the back side of the name badge. High quality metal construction ensures long term performance!

Synepuxent Gun Club Custom Name Tags

The Synepuxent Gun Club uses the pin-back custom name tags above to identify members at their gun range.

I'm a Salon Owner Custom Name Tags

The name tags above were used at a cosmetology convention and salon owners could fill in the blank to identify themselves.

Lupe Tortilla Custom Name Tags

The restaurant Lupe Tortilla uses the pin-back custom name tags above to identify their employees. A large blank area can be decorated with a permanent marker and buying blank name tags in bulk saves money!

Starfish Solutions Custom Name Tags

The pin-back custom name tags seen above mimic the classic “Hello My Name Is” name tag stickers in a more durable and eye catching way.

Ben & Jerry's Magnetic Name Tags

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shops use the magnetic name tags shown above to identify employees in a fun and custom way!

Last Modified: March 3rd, 2021

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