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More information on our Metallic Acetate Finish

Get your shine on! Metallic finish option now available for all of our custom products! Just select “Yes” for the “Acetate Finish” option at checkout.

For a small upgrade fee, we will print your design on clear acetate rather than white paper. This allows the metallic button body to shine through your design. In turn your design will have a metallic brushed steel look in any places that are ‘white’ in your design.

Light to mid-tone colors will also appear metallic but could look more washed out than when printed on white, as they may become lost against the metallic background.

Black will block the metallic shine completely.

This option will darken your overall design significantly.

Clean vector graphics with lots of high contrast and rich colors and white space will produce the best results.

metallic acetate button finish

Digital proofs aren’t guaranteed to accurately show the representation of a metallic finish. Since the finish changes based on the light that hits the design, you will experience greater clarity in bright light and lower clarity in dim light.

Accurate color reproduction is not guaranteed when choosing metallic finish as each design varies based on pigment density in your design. Choose standard finish if this is a concern.

Custom Mirrors get you noticed

If you’re looking for a promotional product that stands out from the rest, see yourself in our high quality custom mirrors.

We start with our standard steel button body, wrap it in your custom design and place a crystal clear mirror in the back. Our custom mirrors allow you to advertise your brand or event and stay with your customers in their day to day routine.

Easy to slip in your pocket and go, our custom mirrors are the perfect choice for your promo needs!



Custom Mirrors by PureButtons

Custom MIrrors

Custom Mirrors are a trending promotional product that we offer at PureButtons. These shiny little trinkets are perfect as trade show giveaways, as band merch, and as party favors. Keep your brand in hand with our custom mirrors.

Custom MIrrors

Our custom mirrors are made of high quality steel and crystal clear glass, with a full color weatherproof front featuring your custom graphics.

Custom MIrrors

Custom Mirrors are excellent for promotion and make excellent gifts. We’ve created custom mirrors for theatrical release of 300: Rise of an Empire and Ivanka Trump‘s jewelry line. Independent artists are also fans of our custom mirrors. They make excellent and affordable merchandise items for tradeshows and online sales.

Custom MIrrors

Check out our custom mirror pricing and more sample photos on our website.

Lookin’ Good! 15% off Custom Mirrors!

Custom Mirrors

Take 15% off custom mirrors until April 30 with promo code LOOK15

Our custom mirrors are becoming more and more popular and it’s clear to see why! Our mirrors are just like our high quality full color buttons but with a sturdy, crystal clear mirror on the back. These little gems are perfect for party favors and promotional swag for any event.

We were lucky to produce these 3″ round custom mirrors to promote the theatrical release of 300: Rise of an Empire. You can make similar mirrors for your own brand, company, or event!

View Custom Mirrors Pricing

Custom Mirrors

We recently put up several new sample photos of our custom mirrors. Come take a look at their shiny goodness and consider ordering mirrors for yourself! View Mirror Samples

Custom Mirrors

Our custom mirrors are priced very affordably and you can take 15% off mirrors right now with promo code LOOK15. Order Custom Mirrors.

Custom Mirrors are a fantastic way to keep your name in customers’ pocket!

Our Custom Pocket Mirrors are the best way to keep your company or brand’s name on customers’ minds. This functional product is easy to keep in your jeans, or purse, and can be regularly used to check makeup or hair. These mirrors are popular with both genders because they’re subtle and can be decorated with your custom artwork. We have produced these custom mirrors for hair salons, rock bands, and now Wells Fargo, seen below.

Giving your fans or customers a product that they will consistently use will keep them thinking about you and convert to more sales! Buy Custom Mirrors from PureButtons today!

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