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Top 5 ways to increase sales with our button packaging

The customer is king/queen. We have all heard this before. It’s up to you, our customer, to prove it so. With these five tips you will be a lot closer to proving that you are on top of industry trends and technologies for the button packaging industry.

1) Understand your customers. The problem today is that one package may not satisfy the needs and requirements of all your customers. There are numerous niche markets out there that require specialized packaging. So if you are targeting one of these niche markets, we recommend you do your research first. What works for one target market may not work for another.

2) Find out what button package attributes appeal to the customers you are targeting. If it’s the high school kid that is into your band, make sure your package employs the characteristics that appeal to your target market.

3) Understand how your button packs will be used. This is important! Will your customers view this as a gateway to purchase more products or will this be all they purchase? The idea behind this is for your button packs to be a gateway purchase. We want your customers to buy more based on what they see. Button packs are a great way to help achieve this standard.

4) Know what your customers want. This is extremely important. Sometimes it might take that bit of extra pocket change to have a designer come up with a great looking button pack. Weigh these costs about before going about it though. Throw some rough numbers together on how many more button packs you think you’ll sell because of the design. This could be more then you think. Remember a lot of times these are “gateway” products. These will help bring in customers to spend more money. Example: A friend buys a cool button over at Hot Topic (TM) and I see it and say to myself “I have to have that button”. I then go to Hot Topic (TM) looking for that button and stumble upon some other things that interest me. Now, I went into the store only to purchase a $1.75 item and ended up spending $50.00 in the store because I found a couple of other items I found interesting.

5) Stay tuned into our site for our new button packaging options. We continuously offer creative new products that  have the advantage in the marketing world. Several years ago PureButtons took the button industry by storm. Now we’d like to continue to do the same which is why we are offering our new retail ready button packaging. Please look for innovative ways to combine our button packaging with other custom merch options.

A quick note, the customer depends upon you, the provider, as a resource. They expect you to keep up with packaging trends and provide the latest and greatest designs.

We look forward to seeing what you can come up with. Any new unique packaging ideas we see from our customers we will post here on our blog. Check back often!

Be sure to check out our Custom Button Packaging page.

Last Modified: July 9th, 2008

Answers to your Button Packaging questions

With our inbox blowing up with button packaging emails, I thought this would be an appropriate place to answer some of our button packaging questions. I hope this helps everyone.

Do you offer 1″ button packaging?
YES! Take a look at all of our custom button pack offerings on our custom button packs order page.

What size buttons do you currently offer packaging for?
We now offer a button pack that features every size and shape we offer.

Does your button packaging pricing include the cost of the buttons?
Yes, The pricing you see in our emails includes the complete button pack with buttons, a backer card and fully assembled.  

Do you offer retail wrapping or bagging?
Yes we do offer button pack baggging. This gives your pack a retail ready look. It is an affordable upgrade during checkout.

These are some of our most frequently asked questions. I hope this has helped answer your questions. Want to see some examples of our button packaging? Head over to our Custom Button Packaging page.

Last Modified: July 8th, 2008

PureButtons & Ice Cream Man

We recently started working with Matt Allen, who is the mastermind behind Ice Cream Man. I’d love to go into detail about the history of Ice Cream Man, but it’s best left for Matt to do so. Check out his press release here. What a clever idea!

For more information, please check out the Ice Cream Man website. We donated 10,000+ single button packs to help get the Ice Cream Man name out. We’ll be supplying his entire tour with button packs! Below I’ve posted a few photos of our custom button packaging in action!

Last Modified: June 24th, 2008

11:11 AM on Warped Tour

11:11 a.m is a charity that PureButtons has sponsored for a few years now. Every year Purebuttons will donate a large batch of buttons for 11:11 a.m. to give out during the entire warped tour. They are a rapidly growing charity and they have a very big approach. All of their profits go towards the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation ( Check out their website, make a donation and look out for them during Warped Tour!

The packs shown above are being sold for $1.00 at the 11:11 a.m. Warped Tour tent. All proceeds will be benefiting the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

Last Modified: June 19th, 2008

Recent Button Pack Orders

I just thought I’d showcase some of our recent button packaging orders. So far the response has been great, keep up the unique designs! Stay tuned for actual photos. For more information about our custom button packaging check out our button packaging page.

Custom Button Packaging

Custom Button Packaging

Custom Button Packaging

Last Modified: June 18th, 2008

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