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Strhess Button Packs
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Another great company from Cleveland, Ohio! Sthress Clothing resides in the northeastern part of Ohio along Jakprints and of course PureButtons! I’ve decided to show off the new Strhess Clothing button packs. Take a look for yourself.

Strhess Button Pack
Strhess Button Packs 2

These are great 4 x 1.25″ Round Custom Button Packs

New Knight Rider Button Packs
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Just finished up this 4 x 1.25 Round Button Packs order today and wanted to share it with everyone. It’s looking like I can have some examples up a couple times a week. So keep posted and check back often.

Knight Rider Button Packs

Metal Mania Button Packaging Post
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It seems like we’ve been getting more and more orders from the metal music scene. Here are a few shots I was able to get today of some metal bands we’ve done button packaging for.
Button Packaging _ Metal Mania
Button Packs for Salt The Wound and Black Dahlia Murder
You can pick these up from our friends over at Indie Merch Store.  


These button packs showcase a great amount of detail and a wide range of colors.  When designing your next packaging job be sure to take advantage of our full color printing capabilities for no extra cost.

Interested in placing a packaging order? Head on over to our custom button packaging page to get more information on how to place an order.

Another creative button pack design
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Here is another unique button pack we’ve recently done. This pack showcases some more great designer talent. Keep up the great work!

Button Packaging for Horsebites
Shown in the photo above is our 4 x 1.25″ Custom Button Packs

Interested in seeing more from the mastermind behind this design?
Check out Horse Bites Design.

Look familiar? Button Packs at Hot Topic
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For those of our visitors who shop at Hot Topic. You might of seen a job we recently did. We did some single button packs for Paramore. I hope you were able to see them in action at the stores. If not, here is a peak at some leftovers we had laying around. It’s always great to see the products you manufacture at the bigger retail stores.

Single Button Packs for Paramore
Paramore Button Packs at Hot Topic TM.

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