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Camarena Tequila Oval Buttons!

Camarena Tequila did a promotion with our oval buttons showcasing 20,000 cases sold. What a great way to utilize buttons in an effective way. Let us manufacture your next promotional button ideas!

Keep the ideas flowing!

Promotional Buttons
Button Size: 1.75″ x 2.75″ Oval Buttons

Last Modified: January 5th, 2021

WOMC Sponsor Button Pack

I know this post is a bit behind schedule however, I really wanted to showcase the custom button packs we did for GoMedia. It was for their “Weapons of Mass Creation” event back in May. We’ve worked closely with GoMedia over the past 4 years and were thrilled when we had the opportunity to help them create their custom button pack.

Below you’ll notice (2) of the buttons have a  metallic look to them. These are what we in the “button world” call metallic acetate buttons.  We produced (5) collectable “Weapons of Mass Creation” 1.25″ buttons and did a matching limited edition PureButtons acetate button to go along with the pack.

Great work guys! The ideas are already flowing for next years event!!

You can purchase your own 6 x 1.25″ Round Custom Button Packs here

Custom Button Packs

Last Modified: May 22nd, 2020

Colorful Custom Buttons! A look at this years greatest!

Standard Byke Company Buttons
1″ Round Custom Buttons for Standard Bike Co.

Less Than Jake Buttons
1″ Round Custom Buttons for Less Than Jake.

Above we’re showcasing some of our great printing abilities. Notice the bright vibrant colors along with the smooth silky finish over our Custom Buttons. This is one of the many reasons thats separates PureButtons from the competition.

The buttons above were just a few jobs we had at the beginning of ’09. We hope you enjoy. More colorful photos and great blog posts will be coming shortly! Stay tuned. Keep an eye out for some great how to’s!!

Last Modified: May 22nd, 2020

Sam Adams – Boston Lager Buttons

Sam Adams Buttons
Sam Adams Love PureButtons!

For a recent promotion they ran, Sam Adams decided to use our 3″ Round Custom Buttons.

Notice how the button doesn’t have an overly glossy finish. Our new button finish we use helps our buttons stand out above the competition and Sam Adams would definitely agree!

At PureButtons we make you look good. We’re always helping you get noticed at your next promotional event.

Last Modified: May 22nd, 2020

Two Examples of Great Promotional Buttons

Here are a few great examples of how to get the most effective use out of your promotional buttons. You’ll notice that the buttons pictured below have a great appeal to them. The designs are great and the copy is short. When designing your buttons always remember that “less is more”. Especially when you are using these for promotional use. You want to have your customers come to you and ask you about the promotion you are currently running.
Promotional Buttons - PureButtons

Promotional Buttons - Purebuttons 2

Last Modified: May 22nd, 2020

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