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Design Campaign Buttons in more sizes!

You can now design campaign buttons in more sizes! We have extended the available sizes to all sizes from 2.25″ Round to 6″ Round. Our campaign button design gallery features a variety of customizable campaign designs that you can print on all of our round products that come in size 2.25″ and up. From pin-back buttons to fridge magnets, our huge 6″ magnetic easel or our magnetic bottle openers, you can customize our promotional products with your campaign design at no additional cost.

All of our design gallery designs are free to use when you create custom products.

Our campaign button designs are completely editable. Change the text, change the colors, and add photos to create a winning design!

These campaign buttons are great for national, regional, and even school elections. Use them for a real campaign or use them for parody! Our art tool also has a variety of political party logos ready for you to drop in to put the finishing touch on your custom design.

Design Campaign Buttons in our easy and free art tool now!

Design Campaign Buttons

Last Modified: October 2nd, 2017

Design Campaign Buttons

You can now design campaign buttons in our free online tool. Customize the colors of the design, add your custom text and photos to create a campaign button as unique as you!

Many of our campaign button designs can be modified for use in school elections, or for holidays like Veterans Day Buttons, Memorial Day Buttons, and 4th of July Buttons! A few of the designs have static “VOTE” graphics embedded, but many of the designs are also suitable as generally Patriotic Buttons without the election related wording.

Take a look at our gallery of customizable campaign button designs or create custom products from scratch using our easy online tool.

Custom Campaign Buttons Gallery

Last Modified: June 27th, 2017

Richard Nixon Campaign Buttons

A friend was recently at a garage sale and found a handful of old campaign buttons for sale, including the one seen below for president Richard Nixon. With the presidential election coming up, orders for custom campaign buttons have been increasing. And this year we truly have some historic choices to make.

These old Nixon buttons were most likely screen printed on the metal and then stamped out and pressed. Our custom buttons are digitally printed in full color on laminated paper stock, then pressed onto a sturdier metal shell. This digital printing allows greater accessibility to more customers with low minimum orders for customized buttons. Our weather-resistant laminate ensures that your design will weather the storm and stay looking good- and designs aren’t limited to one or two colors, you can print your design using almost any colors desired.

It’s neat to see how far custom buttons have come, but also how ubiquitous they are in political campaigns. Custom Campaign Buttons have been a staple of effective campaigning since their invention!

Richard Nixon Campaign Buttons

If you are looking to design campaign buttons we have a gallery of lovely campaign button designs which are free to use and modify to fit your needs. All colors and text are editable and many campaign button designs leave a space for your logo or photographs. We make it easy to design campaign buttons at PureButtons and all of our custom campaign buttons are made in USA!

Last Modified: June 29th, 2016

Custom QR Code Buttons!

We recently did an order of campaign buttons that have a QR code located in the center of each button. Many of you may have seen these QR codes showing up recently and have wondered what they actually are. A QR code, or Quick Response code, is a barcode that is read by barcode scanners or camera phones. Each QR code contains either data, text, or a URL. With technology rapidly increasing, these codes have been adapted into cell phones for easy information.

The buttons shown below are our 2.25″ round custom buttons.

Campaign Buttons with QR Code

If you want to design campaign buttons, we have a new gallery of free designs that you can customize to fit your unique campaign! Edit the text, colors and add photos or logos to these free-to-use designs. In our customizer tool you can design campaign buttons in minutes and get a free instant digital proof before checkout.

Many of our campaign button designs can also be used as Veterans Day Buttons, Memorial Day Buttons, 4th of July Buttons or any general purpose Patriotic Buttons. We have curated design galleries for all of these occasions for you!

… and it’s not just buttons! Our campaign button designs are available on our entire lineup of custom promotional products 2.25″ round and larger!

Last Modified: December 14th, 2014

Getting Political with Custom Buttons!

We’ve noticed an increase in campaign buttons coming through the press lately, and wanted to share these custom pinback button designs with you. Our buttons are a high quality, wearable way for your supporters to spread your message and keep a memory of the campaign for years to come.

Sell these buttons as a fundraiser, or give them away as a token of appreciation. Either way, our custom buttons will give your cause the edge it needs to succeed!

If you are looking to design campaign buttons, we offer a gallery of free designs which you can customize to fit your vision. Edit text, colors and drop in your photos or logos to make a unique campaign button! You’ll receive a free instant digital proof when you do.

Custom Pinback Buttons

Custom Pinback Buttons

Custom Pinback Buttons

Custom Pinback Buttons

Custom Pinback Buttons

Custom Pinback Buttons

Last Modified: April 30th, 2012

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