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Iron Dog Custom Button Packs

Do you know what the world’s longest snowmobile race is? It’s the Iron Dog, which is held in Alaska every year. The event started in 1984 and was originally called the “Iron Dog Iditarod”. However, the name was changed to the “Gold Rush Classic” the following year. The event is currently known as the “Tesoro Iron Dog”.

The race currently tracks over 2,000 miles, starting in Big Lake, Alaska and ending in Fairbanks. The track goes through some of Alaska’s roughest terrain and treacherous weather conditions, making the race the toughest in the world.

We recently had the chance to make custom button packs for this awesome event. Their button packs were our 2×1.25” button packs. Each custom button pack had two custom 1.25” buttons attached to our high quality cardstock. Each card measures at roughly 3.25”x4” wide. Check out our 2 x 1.25 round custom button packs.

These custom button packs make great promotional products to handout or sell at events. If you’re interested in placing an order, please call us at 1-800-710-2030.

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Bruno Mars (4) up Button Packs

Still looking for an eye-popping promotional product that will help you stand out from the rest? If so, your search is over! Our custom button packaging is the solution for you!

In this post we will be showcasing our custom (4) up button packs that were made for Bruno Mars. These button packs have four custom 1” buttons attached to our high quality cardstock, measuring in at 5.5”x3.75”. For this particular order, each custom button pack was placed in a “hanger” bag to allow the customer to easily sell them in a retail setting. Each “hanger” bag has our traditional sombrero hanger hole located at the top center of each bag.

These 4 x 1″ Round Custom Button packs are awesome promotional products for bands that their fans will love!

Pictures of these beautiful custom button packs can be seen below!

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 3’’ Button Packs!
Categories | Button Packaging

Have you or your business been looking for new, unique ways to help promote your new products or an upcoming event? If you answered “yes”, PureButtons has the solution for you – custom button packaging. Showcased below is an order of 3 inch button packs that we did for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. These custom button packs have pricing and a UPC barcode printed on the back of each of them. Each custom button pack also includes our standard sombrero hanger hole located at the top of each card.

If you have any questions regarding our custom button packaging, or would like to place an order, please contact us at 1-800-710-2030.

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New Paramore Packs!

Paramore has been getting more and more popular lately. We’ve been there to keep supplying them with all their new custom buttons, button packs & even custom stickers. Below you’ll see some of the recent work we’ve been doing for them. Here is just a quick photo of the most recent 6 x 1″ Round Custom Button Pack job we’ve done for them.

Be sure to listen to Paramore on iTunes.

Paramore Buttons
(6) up 1″ Button Pack (single sided card)

If you are in need of custom buttons, custom stickers or button packs for your own band, record label, or company, please give us a shot! We’ll make you look great with high quality custom merch!

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New (6) up 1″ Button Packs!!

With our packaging options becoming more and more popular we’ve decided to start offering more sizes to give you more options. Our newest arrangement is our new 6 x 1″ Round Custom Button Packs. Over the past few months we’ve had the request for this pack so, we’ve finally made it happen! We also, have the capability of doing 4/4 (front and back full color printing).

This pack was for a customer of ours who really needed a 1″ button pack and we needed to come up with a way for the buttons to stay mounted on the card without glue dots or any adhesives. We were able to create a custom tab to hold the buttons in place.. making our customers ideas come true!!!

Custom Button Packaging
(6) up 1″ Buttons w/ .25″ rounded corners and a 3/8″ hanger hole.

Also, instead of applying price tickets to this pack we were able to print the UPC barcode on the card helping reduce costs.

If you need samples please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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