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Slight change to our custom bottle openers
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Attention to any customers who have purchased our bottle openers or are interested in trying them out!

We have recently updated the style of our magnetic bottle openers. They now feature a smooth, rounded metal back and a larger cap opening.

The new custom bottle opener back features the same neodymium magnet which serves as a cap catcher. Once you’ve popped your bottle cap, it will be caught by the magnet so you don’t drop it! Also, this strong rare earth magnet helps keep your magnetic bottle opener hung in a handy location like the fridge for the next time you need it!

Previously there were two holes that ostensibly could have been used for a key ring but this was never an option offered at Pure Buttons. The holes have now been replaced by smooth rounded metal.

You can personalize bottle openers on any device in our free and easy online tool. When you do, you’ll get an instant digital proof to approve before checking out.

This new cleaner look for our custom bottle openers is live in our customizer right now!

Reorders: Please note:
Reorders of custom bottle openers will feature this new look versus any previous versions you have received in the past.

New Magnetic Bottle Opener Style
New and Improved Custom Bottle Openers!
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Our NEW and IMPROVED custom bottle openers are now available! Now featuring all metal construction for a 50% heavier build, and a larger neodymium cap catcher magnet with plenty of sticking power to hang on the fridge when you’re done cracking open cold ones.

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Try our new and improved custom bottle openers today! Our minimum order is just ONE bottle opener!

Order Custom Bottle Openers

Custom Bottle Openers

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Custom Bottle Openers 15% OFF
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Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day our magnetic custom bottle openers are now 15% OFF! Use code BOTTLE15 when you order custom bottle openers

You can easily customize your bottle openers in our new customizer tool – in any browser, on any device! Our minimum order is just one bottle opener, which means anyone can do it!

Our amazing bottle openers are 15% off for a limited time – offer ends 3.15.18

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Custom Bottle Openers

Now Serving: Bottle Openers 15% OFF
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Our new Custom Bottle Openers are 15% off for a limited time with code BOTTLE15

Our Bottle Openers are 2.25″ wide, and the round size fits nice in your hand. An integrated magnet helps keep your loose caps from falling. When you’re done poppin’ bottles, you can hang it on your fridge to keep it handy.

Order Custom Bottle Openers today and take 15% off with code BOTTLE15

Custom Bottle Openers

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