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Hot Off The Presses….Literally

As many of you already know, the entire Midwest is getting cooked with temperatures reaching 100+ degrees. Unfortunately, Ohio is included in this heat wave. We decided to embrace the heat and take a few photos outside of a few orders that we completed today. Take note of the thermometer we took outside.

This picture was painful to take.

106 degrees in Ohio?!?!

Currently in Production
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We are currently finishing up an order of 2.25″ custom buttons. These buttons are for the book Have a Nice Conflict. This book was written to help people learn to find success & satisfaction in the most unlikely places. You can check out this book by clicking here.

Buttons for Have a Nice Conflict.

Another shot of their custom buttons!

Almost ready to be shipped!

Custom Acetate Buttons
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We just finished an order of custom foil acetate buttons. They turned out amazing and we wanted to share them with everyone. Check them out and let us know what you think!

A nice shot of these beautiful buttons outside on the sidewalk in front of our office.


We figured we already took a few photos on the sidewalk, so why not in the mulch?

Why not on the hood of a car either?

Woah, it’s bright outside!

Finally, one last shot in front of our offices.

Interested in our custom acetate buttons? Give us a call for more information – 1-800-710-2030.

Hot Off The Presses
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We had a pretty cool order of custom 3″ buttons roll through production today, so we thought we would take a few moments to snap a few photos.

We were lucky enough to catch a photo of a button in mid-air!

A nice shot of these custom 3″ buttons collecting in a bin as they were being pressed.

Shown above is the finished product!

Hot Off The Presses – Action Shot!
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We were having some fun taking photos of custom buttons while they were being pressed and this is what we got. Let us know what you think!

Custom buttons being pressed for the TKE Fraternity!

We were able to catch a photo of the button while it was in the air – sweeeet!

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