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COVID-19 Vaccine Buttons Available Now!

We are pleased to announce 3 new bold designs for you to proudly display your status as VACCINATED for COVID-19.

These COVID-19 vaccine buttons are available in two sizes: 1.5″ & 2.25″ buttons.

There is no minimum order, but we offer significant discounts on bulk orders.

Our affordable pricing starts at $4.99 for one button and goes as low as $0.172 each for large bulk orders!

All of our pin-back buttons are water resistant and easily sanitized!

I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine Button

Large text reads I GOT MY COVID-19 VACCINE on this green and blue button that is sure to be noticed. Featuring a bandaid V shape for “vaccine”, this button is stylized after the official Centers for Disease Control (CDC) graphics for covid vaccine buttons and stickers.

I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine Buttons

I’m COVID-19 Vaccinated Smiley Button

Show how happy you are to have your coronavirus vaccine with this bright yellow button featuring the text “I’m COVID-19 Vaccinated” and a large smiley mouth graphic.

I'm COVID-19 Vaccinated Smiley Buttons

COVID-19 Vaccinated Button

This red button features large white letters reading COVID-19 VACCINATED. Sometimes simple is better! This red button will certainly get noticed!


These vaccine buttons are great tools to ensure confidence in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, and schools.

Getting the coronavirus vaccine is a great part of disease control and prevention, but it is not the only step needed to flatten the curve.

Wear these buttons to encourage vaccination and put others at ease while remaining vigilant to continue wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

We all must play our part in staying healthy in these uncertain times. We hope that these custom buttons can help you and your employees or loved ones do just that.

Last Modified: January 20th, 2021

Customize our Coronavirus Buttons

You can now customize our six popular coronavirus buttons with your own name or logo. Simply choose “Customize Your Own” from the dropdown under the designs of your choice.

You will then be sent into our easy online design tool where you can add your own text or logo to the bottom of the button design. When you’re done, approve a free instant digital proof before you add your custom button design to your cart.

As always, you can add one free button of each design to your cart, only pay shipping for these free coronavirus button designs.

You can also order coronavirus buttons in bulk at a 20% discount when you choose to include the branding on the bottom of your buttons to help us spread the word to others about how to get their own buttons!

Update: We just added these designs into our free customizer tool. Simply click to add an image/text and “choose from designs” in the options menu. You’ll see the coronavirus gallery of designs available for you to drop into any size of our products. You are also able to alter the colors of the designs using this method too!

Personalized Coronavirus Buttons

Last Modified: April 28th, 2020

Coronavirus Awareness Button Boxes Now Available

We now offer boxes of 50 1.75″ Round Buttons for each of our coronavirus awareness button designs. Simply visit our Coronavirus Awareness Buttons page and check out the boxes listed at the bottom of the page or jump to your favorite here:

Wash Your Hands Button Box

Keep Your Distance Button Box

Flatten The Curve Button Box

Cover Your Cough Button Box

Stay Smart, Stay Apart Button Box

Don’t Shake My Hand Button Box

These boxes are offered at a greater than 30% discount under our standard custom button boxes pricing.

Wash Your Hands Button Box

Last Modified: March 26th, 2020

Get Your Free Coronavirus Awareness Button

We have produced these six bold Coronavirus Awareness Buttons to help spread simple hygiene and social distancing messages in this extremely critical time. We are offering these buttons free to anyone, just pay shipping.

These COVID-19 designs are printed on our 1.75″ Round Custom Buttons with our original gloss finish. You can add one of each design to your cart for no cost.

Sharing a selfie on social media wearing these buttons is the best (safe) way to share these messages. Please tag @purebuttons in any of your photos and we will be sure to share them with our followers as well.

Wash Your Hands Button – This free button design reminds yourself and others to do the most basic preventative measure: wash your hands! Washing your hands is one of the most important measures you can take to protect yourself from disease.

Wash Your Hands  Coronavirus Awareness Button

Cover Your Cough Button – (with your elbow). This free button design reminds everyone to cover their coughs (and sneezes) with their elbow, not your hand. This practice helps reduce the spread of the virus onto surfaces that are touched with bare hands.

Cover Your Cough Coronavirus Awareness Button

Keep Your Distance Button – Remind people to practice social distancing. It’s not rude, it’s LIFE SAVING in this dangerous time. Keep a minimum of 6ft from anyone to reduce the spread of airborne disease in spit, sneezes and coughs.

Keep Your Distance Coronavirus Awareness Button

Stay Smart, Stay Apart Button – Another free button design that reminds people to practice social distancing. Take shutdown and shelter in place orders seriously, as they keep the virus from spreading at an exponential rate.

Stay Smart, Stay Apart Coronavirus Awareness Button

Flatten The Curve Button – Get your free button and remind yourself and others to “Flatten The Curve” – stop the exponential spread of coronavirus by practicing simple hygiene and social distancing.

Flatten The Curve Coronavirus Awareness Button

Don’t Shake My Hand Button – It may sound rude, but in this global crisis it is VITAL to keep your hands to yourself. Remind everyone to not shake hands and practice social distancing.

Don't Shake My Hand Coronavirus Awareness Button

If you would like to buy a bulk quantity of any coronavirus design, we offer bulk quantities of 5 or more a 20% discount and you are free to use any coupon you’d like on your order for an additional discount. Use FREESHIP to get free shipping on any order over $25 shipped to the contiguous USA.

For more information on COVID-19, how to protect yourself and get tested, visit

Last Modified: March 21st, 2020

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