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Using Promotional Buttons to Draw in Customers Cover Image

The primary purpose of any advertising campaign is to gain as many customers as possible, as cheaply as possible. Our previous post explained this to be Return On Investment (ROI). But what if your customers paid directly for your advertisements and advertised them everywhere. This can be achieved with promotional buttons. If your button is good enough that people will wear it, they will buy it and wear it. It’s that simple. An excellent example of this is the Hello Kitty buttons. Hello Kitty buttons are simple, but people like them enough and the show to wear them. Granted a lot of companies and brands don’t have the following that Hello Kitty has, but with some hard work, that can change.

The same concept applies to bands. This is why bands focus so highly on unique and amazing designs, because they want people to wear them and for others to ask them, “What is that button for?” For a very cheap cost, promotional buttons can potentially be exposed to a limitless amount of people.

An interesting idea that we have also seen some companies use, is using buttons to drive customers into their store. Most notably, Hot Topic has been doing this for years. They carry some cool buttons, and when others see them on their peers. They ask them, “Where did you get that button?” Now, that customer goes to Hot Topic just for that button. Once they are in the store though, they see their favorite bands shirt, then they see another shirt with a funny saying. Pretty soon that $.75 button turns into a $50 bill. Other companies like Victoria’s Secret have also implemented a similar strategy.

All it takes is a cool design or a following. In a later post, we will look at some designs and elements of buttons that will help you make better promotional buttons.

Last Modified: July 12th, 2008

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