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Promotional buttons, in fact, are an excellent form of advertising. Take a trip down memory lane, and try to think of how old you were when you saw your first button. What kind of button was it? Did it make a lasting impression on you? What was so special about it?

The first button was used in the 1896 for an election campaign. Since that time, buttons have been used in virtually every campaign. Why is that?

  1. They are cheap

  2. They stand out

  3. They can effectively deliver a message

Buttons have been around for the a long time and continue to thrive today. Band buttons are extremely popular today. Fundraising buttons, promotional/advertising buttons, and still campaign buttons also thrive.

For this post we will focus on promotional buttons or advertising buttons. In marketing, the key to a successful campaign is Return On Investment (ROI). Basically, that means how much did you get for what you paid. If we look back to why buttons have been used in virtually every campaign since 1896, they are cheap. If we break down the ROI formula (how much you got-how much it cost)/(how much it cost)=(ROI), it will better explain our next point. PureButtons prices for 50 one(1) inch buttons is $10.00 or $.20/button. Basically, any sort of return, is going to be positive because they are so cheap.

Lets look at point 2, they stand out. This is one of the main reasons why political campaigns have used buttons for so long. When you see someone walking down the street, and something is attached to their shirt or hat. You pay attention to it, because it is out of the ordinary. Hypothetically, one person, who wears their button everyday, is walking down the street and runs into 3 people. One of the 3 people, sees the button and wants to buy one to wear every day. And this trend continues. In 30 days, 900 people are wearing that button. And if you selling that button for $.75, you profited $495, just in buttons. Not to mention, any other sales you made by people seeing you button.

As you can see, promotional buttons are very effective. In more posts to come, we will show you how to make better promotional buttons, and some tips on using you advertising buttons effectively.

Last Modified: July 11th, 2008

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