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How to manufacture a 1″ button Cover Image

Step 1. – Printing the artwork. This step requires downloading the artwork from our CMS (customer management system), then fixing up the artwork to our exact specifications.

Step 3. – Die Cutting the artwork.

Step 4. – Assembling  the button with our button machine.

– first, you will insert a button blank called a shell into the larger cavity.

– Second, you will place the die cut circle on top of the shell.

– Third, you will now place a metal ring called a collet into the next cavity

This is a step and repeat process.

– Fifth step, let the machine do the work. What happens now is the machine will actually pick up the mylar, artwork and shell and fold the artwork under the lip of the shell. Then, the collet will then be pressed into the shell. The collet is what fuses the two together. (holding the button together)

The machines arm has a magnet at the end of it and its now picking the button out of the machine.

Step 5. – We will insert the pin into the back of the button.

Step 6. – Finally the button is complete! You are now ready to wear your finished button. (In This case I’ve showed you our pin back button option as well as our zipper pull buttons)

Last Modified: July 2nd, 2008

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