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Our Biggest Custom Buttons Yet!

As we continue to crank out orders, we recently received a request for our largest buttons yet–6″!! Pressed for PlayAway, these 6″ buttons were part of a larger 1.25″ round custom buttons order. Kurt from PlayAway recently sent over some pictures from their event and some kind words!

“Attached is a photo of our booth, contest winners and some of our team. We had 14 of our distribution partners outfitted with bowls of buttons. You visit their booth and get a pin. If our prize team spotted you on the floor, you were eligible to win a $1,000 Playaway collection. Apparently our contest was the buzz of the show.

Great stuff.”


Thanks for the feedback, Kurt! Glad we could help!

Happy Customers in California!

After shipping out an custom button order to UCLA, we received a very generous thank you letter from the University’s Assistant Event Manager. Apparently this year’s UCLA Alumni Day event and our buttons were a hit!

“Dear PureButtons Staff,
I want to thank you for your contribution to this year’s UCLA Alumni Day event. The event was a great success! The buttons you created for us contributed to the festive atmosphere. Your ability to work with our deadlines and tight turnaround times really contributed to a smooth event. The whole team was so responsive to UCLA’s needs; we really appreciate the hard work.”

Thanks for the feedback!

Judy loves PureButtons

“I received my order of custom buttons today, and I am thrilled with them!  They look great and the quality is outstanding!

Thanks so much for a job well done! ”

Happy Customer – PureButtons

“I just received my custom buttons that I ordered in the mail today and they are wonderful! I ordered two different groups to use as wedding party favors and I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the quality of the buttons and especially the quality of the customer service that I received from Joe H. when I was having a bit of trouble! Thank you so much for everything!”

– Jocelyn

PureButtons – Happy Customer

Another great email testimonial from one of our recent customers! Read below.

“Hey Jeff,
I wanted to thank you and your team for the custom buttons.  I received them in the mail recently, and I absolutely love the quality!  Since they were special order, I was absolutely pleased with quick responses to my many questions and concerns.  I definitely am excited to order my next batch with you guys again, and hopefully also have you produce custom stickers for me too.

Thank you so much for everything!”
April W.

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