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Button Magnets used oldest board game in the world

I received this email from David late last night.

“I was in need of 400 1.5” round magnetic tokens to use on a Demonstration Go Board I was assembling for our new local Go Club.
Go is the oldest board game in the world, being played unchanged for over 4000 years (yes, thats four thousand years.)  I had tried a set of plastic tokens from “The Bar Store” website, but the resultant product did not work because the magnets were too weak and the pieces sat too high on the board, falling off if accidentally brushed.  So it was with some trepidation that I called for some sample disks from your firm.  I was immediately impressed by the willingness of your sales agent to help me with my project and at my request, she sent me several sample buttons of the size and type I required. After determining that the sample buttons would work just fine, I placed my order for 400 1.5″ round fridge magnets, 200 white, 200 black”.
Oldest Game in the world - Button Magnets

Button Game

Thanks for the email with photos David! This is a great unique way to use our products! Email me all of your ideas and I’ll get everything posted up on The Button Post.

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