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New Boyz Buttons w/ Price Tickets

We are now getting into the fulfillment side of the business and things have been going really well. As you can see below we are now able to apply price tickets to all of our buttons (if requested & for an additional fee).

We’ve finally found an efficient and cost effective way to do this. Below you’ll see some examples of some recent orders we’ve done for the New Boyz.

We can price ticket any of our button sizes and button packs if needed.

Price ticketing / Fulfillment ONLY at PureButtons
Smaller price tickets are used for our 1″ Round Buttons.

Larger buttons with Price Tickets
Larger price tickets are used for our 1.25″ Round Buttons and up.

Looking to put through your next project and are skeptical if we can make it happen? Just contact us. Odds are.. we can do it!

Offering Fulfillment – Orders made easy with us.

We’ve been doing a lot of fulfillment orders for our button packaging jobs. Below you’ll see a few photos highlighting some of the services we are currently working on.

We completed 4 x 1.5″ Round Custom Button Packs with a customer header bag and included price tickets on all of the button packs. We also went ahead and bagged a group of (6) button packs and labeled each pack. After we did that we then needed to box a certain number of packs per box and put labels in specific locations.

View the photos below to see the steps.Custom Button Packs

Bagging button packs in groups of (6) then labeling each grouped bag.

Price Ticketing Button Packs
Price ticketing button packs after bagging them. Getting them ready for retail.

Boxing Custom Button Packs
Boxing button packs to customers requirements.

These are just a few things we can do for you and your company to help make your lives easier. If you are looking for something completely custom please let  us know.

Retail Ready Button Packaging

Over the course of the past few months I’ve put together a peg board in my office with some great packaging designs. Needless to say I’ve come up with this… (view the photo below). All I can say is packaging sells. I can officially say that our new Custom Button Packaging is our top selling product and has been for quite some time. If your next promotional campaign allows you to get extremely creative I would highly recommend our new retail packaging or button boxes.
PureButtons Visual Merchandising
If you are selling your button packs in a retail front I also recommend that you focus on your product display. Bright vibrant colors, good looking designs and a unique way to present your product will help you sell even more product! Let PureButtons help plan your next retail promotion!

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