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PureButtons Gets a Makeover!!
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PureButtons Front
Our New Front!! Special Thanks to PaleBird for a killer job on designing these & Jakprints for printing these.

New PureButtons window perfs
Our New Laminated Window Perfs – printed by Jakprints

Dan Installing Window Perfs
Getting ready to squeegee the window perfs on.

PureButtons - Window Perfs
Getting the placement right before install.

2 down 2 to go
Cleaning the window before installing.

cleaning the glass before installing
Dan installing the 3rd PureButtons logo window perf.

It’s been a long process but, the front of our building is finally done! We’ve been at our new 5,000 square foot facility for just a few days over a year now and we finally finished the front of our building. For everyone local there will be no driving by and missing our building anymore.

Again, I just wanted to thank Evan over at PaleBird for doing a killer job on designing these and to Jakprints for doing an amazing job printing these. Special thanks to Dan over at Jakprints for taking the time to come out and install our window perfs too! Everything turned out amazing!

I just wanted to also thank all of our customers who’ve helped us grow and get to this level. Without you we wouldn’t be where we’re at today!

Jeff Nemecek
President of PureButtons

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9 Year Old Entrepreneur!!!!
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Button Rings - Purebuttons

9 Year Old Hannah N. started her own business back in December of 2008. She wanted to make jewelry and decided to create designs on a vector software she bought. A friend of hers recommended PureButtons. Hannah then sent her designs over to us and had PureButtons manufacture her own custom buttons. Once she receives the buttons she then makes them into rings.

Hannah was featured in her schools district newsletter and is being interviewed by her Schools District TV too.

Hannah, From all of us at PureButtons we wish you luck in all your endeavors. It’s great to see such great entrepreneurial skills at such a young age. You remind me of myself at your age. Keep up the great work and good luck!!

Buttons Rings - PureButtons -2

Hannah showing off her new button rings!!!!

PureButtons now has Automated equipment!!
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I just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that we now have some “Fully” Automated equipment!!! Our Standard Turnaround time will be at a consistent 5 business days. Unfortunately, we can’t post photos of our new equipment (for obvious reasons). This should help when planning your next button runs to help avoid rush fees. Although we do understand projects come up unexpectedly so, we’ll be prepared to handle any size rush jobs!!

PureButtons photo section has been Updated!!
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Take a moment to browse through our site and look at our new and updated sample galleries. More photos will be uploaded to each section of the site over the next few weeks. Enjoy!!!

All photos have been taken by: PaleBird

Today’s shipment of blank button parts.
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As I was talking about before we are now ordering blank button parts by the hundreds of thousands. We are also able to re-use about 40 boxes per week. Which helps keep our costs down and it’s better for the environment. Just another small step in making PureButtons a Green company. Stay tuned for our 100% recycled paper upgrade.

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