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Movie Buttons

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Movie Promotions with Custom Buttons

Many of the largest movie studios in the world know that our custom buttons are the perfect promotional tool. Check out these examples of movie buttons. We recently created custom buttons for the film Sid & Nancy which starred Gary Oldman as The Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious.

Our custom rectangle buttons are perfect for promoting DVD/Blu-Ray covers and movie poster artwork. When worn vertically, they can replicate the format of the DVD/Blu-Ray cover or movie poster. You can provide these buttons to promote a DVD/Blu-Ray release on store employees, or a promote an upcoming theater release on theater staff.

We have also been lucky enough to produce custom buttons for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and Disney Pixar’s latest film, BRAVE.

If you are in charge of marketing for a major or independent motion picture, custom buttons are an affordable, collectable and fun way to promote your film!

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