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Sneak Peak at our Office – Hallways
Categories: Miscellaneous

At PureButtons our walls used to be naked!!! We’ve been hanging and framing artwork left and right. Here are a few sneak peak photos of one of our hallways. I’ll have more shop photos coming next week.

Wall Art

art walls
Artwork you see pictured above is from Invisible Creature.

PureButtons Breakfast Fun
Categories: Miscellaneous

We recently completed an order of custom buttons for the comic Texas Toast Adventures and we figured we would have some fun with them today. We were having toast for breakfast and felt it would be suiting to snap a couple of photos of these buttons with our breakfast.

Who’s hungry?

What are you having for breakfast?

Lunch Break Fun – Pizza Buttons!
Categories: Miscellaneous

We were enjoying some Pizza Hut for lunch today at work and decided to take some fun photos with a recent order of “pizza buttons”.

Do you have any unique photos of your buttons? Post them on our Facebook page!

I’m Not Boring Buttons & Zipper Pulls!
Categories: Miscellaneous

Im not Boring - Zipper Pulls - PureButtons

Im not Boring - PureButtons

Recent order we just completed. Customer ordered our 1″ Round Zipper Pulls & our 2.25″ Round Custom Buttons. Looking for ideas to leave an impact at your next promotional event? Check out our website ( PureButtons ).

Stereo Hype & PureButtons
Categories: Miscellaneous

LOVED the product, the fans love them, can’t wait to get more custom made buttons and button packs from y’all!

Stereo Hype & PureButtons - custom buttons

Custom Buttons - PureButtons & Stereo Hype

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