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Fresh Out of Production
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We just finished up an order of custom 1.25″ buttons. They turned out exceptionally well, so we decided to share them with all of you. We went ahead and shot a few photos of them laying around and pinned to our Lowepro camera bag.


One of the different artworks.

Pinned to our Lowepro camera bag!

A nice close up shot of these awesome custom buttons!

Hot Off The Press – I Love Antix Buttons

We just finished pressing an order of 1.25″ buttons for our friends at If you have not heard of them, they are a t-shirt company based out of Los Angeles, CA. Please take a moment to check them out. If you enjoy their buttons, you’re bound to love their t-shirts!

We decided to take these smokin’ hot buttons outside for a few photos.

I Love Antix custom buttons!

From another angle.

A shot with just their yellow background buttons.

A shot with just their white background buttons.

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