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Birthday Pin Featured in Netflix’s The Vince Staples Show Cover Image
Birthday Pins - The Vince Staples Show

As you must know by now we’re always looking for buttons in popular media. When we find one we turn into that Leo pointing at the TV meme 👈 😀. We recently jumped out of our chair when we saw birthday pins featured in a plot line of an episode of a new limited series on Netflix!

The Vince Staples Show on Netflix is written by and starring Vince Staples, a successful rapper and internet personality. The series is experimental and at times amateurish but it has a dark sense of humor and is extremely bingeable at just 6 short episodes.

The Vince Staples Show

Vince’s unimpressed and serious attitude permeates through the series as he encounters wild characters, some of them grounded in reality and perhaps some of them psychedelic hallucinations. Like we see in episode four “Red Door”.

In this episode Vince has to take his girlfriend and her little brother plus friends to an amusement park called Surf City. This low quality theme park is full of insane employees and surreal experiences.

Early in the episode Vince is sent to get a birthday pin for his girlfriend’s brother when he encounters some rude information desk employees and has an ominous run-in with the park’s surfer mascot “Dude”.

The employees give him a hard time about being an adult and asking for a birthday pin, which are for kids only. Check out the clip (some adult language) below to see Vince grab those birthday pins!

The birthday pin makes an appearance later in the episode when Vince’s girlfriend shows it to another rude park employee in her attempt to get a birthday discount at the gift shop.

Birthday Pins - The Vince Staples Show

We’ve had a wide range of theme parks order custom button pins over the years. They’re a fantastic keepsake for park guests because they can fit in your pocket or you can securely wear them at the park all day! Some parks create collectable buttons for each of their roller coasters, and others have birthday buttons very similar to the ones in this episode of The Vince Staples Show.

Keep your eyes open for more buttons in the media and let us know if you see any. We’ll be watching!

Last Modified: April 24th, 2024

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