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3″ Single Button Packs Cover Image

custom button packaging
Notice on the backside of the card that there are (2) die cut holes that hold the pin. This keeps your buttons from falling off the card. No matter how hard you shake or pull, our buttons stay put!

Pictured above is our single 1 x 3″ Round Custom Button Packs

How do your buttons stay attached to your backer cards?It’s really quite simple! All of our backer cards (except for our 1″ packaging option) are completely die cut. We do this in house on our new die cutter set up specifically for our button packaging jobs.

We do NOT use glue dots to hold our buttons to the backer cards. We have custom dies made to cut every standard packaging job we offer. This helps us keep our costs down. We no longer have to hire multiple people to do packaging assemblies. Instead, this can now be a one man job which keeps our packaging costs lower than the competition.

Last Modified: December 18th, 2009

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