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NEW! Soft-Touch Matte Finish Cover Image

We are proud to announce our newest finish. Soft-Touch Matte Finish is an option for any of our custom buttons, fridge magnets, clothing magnets, zipper pulls, pocket mirrors, custom button packs.

Our original glossy finish is great for most uses, but if you’re looking for something different, try our soft-touch matte finish! It gives the appearance of almost no finish, but softens your colors a bit, and your button face will be soft to the touch. Colors are lightened by this finish, especially dark colors, and color saturation is slightly reduced by this finish. Our soft-touch matte finish is great for earthy or gentle designs. Remove the glossy flash and opt for something closer to a ‘raw’ look with this new finish option.

Excellent Features:
No Glare

Please Notice:
Dark Colors Noticeably Lighter
Dulls Color Saturation Slightly

Custom Buttons Finish Options (Glossy, Matte, Metallic)
Soft Touch Matte vs Glossy Rectangle Buttons

Last Modified: January 8th, 2015

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