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New Customer Spotlights! Cover Image

Our customer spotlight section has been revitalized with a BUNCH of new awesome customers who are using Pure Buttons products to further their promotional and sales goals! We have SEVEN new spotlights that feature a wide variety of customers from artists reproducing their original artwork on fridge magnets to famous city governments looking to sell high quality souvenirs.

1. Roswell, NM
Roswell, NM is a tourist town famous for the historic UFO crash event of 1947. Since then the small town has created an identity around aliens, UFOs and the paranormal. The Roswell, NM Visitor Center has produced a selection of high quality and eye catching OFFICIAL souvenir products at Pure Buttons. On their customer spotlight you can see six high res photos of buttons, button packs, ornaments, fridge magnets and coasters with intergalactic artwork on them!

Roswell, NM Souvenir Buttons

2. Scenic Highways
Scenic Highways is a souvenir products brand by a talented artist from Utah named John. He creates modern tourism posters featuring beautiful landscapes and classic cars. The typography and color choices of Scenic Highways magnet designs is always crisp and we are thrilled that he let us feature his work on our website.

Scenic Highways Magnets

3. Akron Art Museum
Akron Art Museum is an excellent art museum located in downtown Akron, Ohio. They use our pin-back buttons to promote their exhibitions. Our 1 inch buttons are rewards for members who attend each show. If you attend every show you end up with a very cool button collection courtesy of Akron Art Museum and Pure Buttons!

Akron Art Museum Buttons

4. Ranger Doug
Ranger Doug is the ranger of the lost art! The lost art in question is historic WPA national parks posters. Doug has been the sole source of high quality screen printed reproduction of these iconic poster designs and has chosen Pure Buttons to reproduce this famous artwork in fridge magnet form. Ranger Doug magnets are exclusively printed on our 2.5″x3.5″ Rectangle Fridge Magnets. Check out this spotlight for more high quality images of Ranger Doug Magnets.

Ranger Doug Magnets

5. Voodoo Brew Pub
Voodoo Brew Pub is a regional brewery and tap room that has successfully used our custom buttons and custom bottle openers to market their brand! They have printed their iconic logo on a variety of products which goes to show you that you don’t necessarily need a lot of artwork to get started with custom merch. Just start with a logo and a dream!

Voodoo Brew Pub Bottle Openers

6. Lionheart Graphics
Lionheart Graphics is the company of an artist from New York who creates modern tourism poster paintings and has chosen Pure Buttons to reproduce them in fridge magnet form. Check out her customer spotlight to see six high quality sample photos of Lionheart Graphics’ souvenir products.

Lionheart Graphics Magnets

7. Masthead Brewing Co
Masthead Brewing is a local brewery and taproom that has been ordering from both Pure Buttons and StandOut Stickers for a while. They use our buttons and stickers for promotional purposes and some retail sales.

Masthead Brewing Co Ornaments

If you have been using Pure Buttons to great success with either retail or promotional efforts, please let us know! We’re actively looking a diverse selection of industries to feature in our customer spotlight section.

Last Modified: July 11th, 2024

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