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Most bizarre Pure Buttons moments Cover Image

With any business, we have encountered some bizarre moments. So, we put together a list of some of the most interesting. We will not mention any names and we apologize if we offend anyone. Because we value customer service, this is only intended to demonstrate how we take care of every customer.


One that our office was most intrigued about, we received a call from a gentleman who was very impressed with his buttons and our turn around time. He asked if he could have our physical address, because he wanted to order us pizza. Our senior designer, Joe, who took the call, was needless to say a little taken back, but eventually gave the gentleman the address. This could have easily turned into a scene from a cheesy horror movie. Sure enough, one day a pizza guy came up the shop with about 5 large pizzas with all sorts of toppings. If you are the guy who bought us pizza, our hat goes off to you, thank you sir.


A Purebuttons employee took a call from someone who was upset with their button order, because they were too noisy. This employee, was sure they meant the artwork was too loud, or what have you. Nope, to clarify their position, they explained to us, “When they are in the bag, they are too noisy. I mean like decibel noisy.” We ended up satisfying their complaints the best we could. Note: If you are going stealth, do not carry a bag of buttons.


The final case, that makes the PureButtons list, is an individual called us and left a voice mail. When we called him back, he answered the phone and asked us to hold while he pulled up our record. Instead of putting the phone on mute or on hold, he either just set it down or didn’t care that we were still there. This individual was clearing his throat and grunting about 25 times while we were on “hold”, and was yelling obscenities about where he put our information.


The best way to deal with situations like this, is to remember to treat every customer like it is your last.

Last Modified: July 22nd, 2008

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