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Union Buttons Go To Far, says Air Canada
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In the news, Air Canada management and the union for aircraft mechanics, grounds crews, and baggage handlers banned a button the employees were wearing from public view.  The bright red union button is very pro-strike saying “Prepare to walk the line in ’09”.  With a catchy slogan and being big and bright red, it grabbed a lot of attention from customers.  The customers concerned that Air Canada’s operations might stop if the union goes on strike, started asking questions.  Which could turn to customers not flying with Air Canada, just because of the union buttons threatening a strike.

Time will tell if this will help the Union settle their disputes.  Buttons are a very powerful tool to unions.  Around Cleveland, Ohio, their were many times that teachers’ union contracts were up for renewal.  However, the union does not ever want to strike, because that would only hurt the children’s education.  So, instead they would wear buttons to school and all school activities.  It did not take long before concerned parents began flocking to the school board meetings completely on the teachers side, and urging them to settle with the union if they wanted to keep their jobs.  All because they continued to do the right thing and work, just wore a button to let everyone know they hadn’t had a raise in 6 years.

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